MIA Impact Circle Stellar CxO 2024 Hongkong

A Prestigious Recognition Honouring Hongkong’s Top CxO’s Powering Business Excellence and Innovation.

MIA Impact Circle Stellar CxO 2024 HongkongAbout MIA Hongkong Awards 2024MIA Impact Circle CxOs - 2024Hongkong WinnersRIchard Helliker Joyce Smith Benson Cheung Mark Clayton Justin Gao Roman Podkorytov Ivan Wan Terri Yang MIA Impact Circle CxOs - 2024Singapore WinnersMustafa Kapasi Amba Kuthiala Jing Yi Tan Miao Song Saurabh Prakash Anubhav Nayyar Catherine Y. Chan Alessandro Venè Nyan Tun Zaw Teck Guan Yeo Jackson Ng Carmen Oprea Pauline Lim Steven Li Nicole Poon Hiroyuki Hirano Mubashir Chishti sourabh chatterjee Sean Lam Mark Masterson Stephen Tjoa MIA Impact Circle CxOs - 2023Philippines WinnersAaron Dela Paz Chrizel Luminario Franco Esteban Gabriel John Fordan Jose Carlo Castillo JP Salustiano Julius Mercado KEN ANDREW MANDIGMA Kiran Sharma Maria Sandra Bustos Marina Llorente Cudala Mary Carla Christine Sia Mary Jobail Lupisan Michael Sendall Noel Adalia Dimasacat Orly Ballesteros Paolo Daniele Serrano Rai Antonio De Jesus Raymund Villanueva Roberto Campos MIA Impact Circle CxOs - 2023Malaysia WinnersAaron Sarma Abu Bakar Yusof Alan Cheah Datin Habsah Nordin Dato' Sri Hj. Abdul Rani Haji Osman Dave Prem Dian Azmi Dr Wendy Liew Dr. Nurrul Iiyana Farid Basir Juanita Johari Julian Sherman Fernandez Ku Sim Ling Mediha Mahmood Muhundhan Kamarapullai Stephanie Caunter Tan May Lee Thila Suppiah Wan Asma Wan Omar Zikry Kholil MIA Impact Circle CxOs - 2023India WinnersArvind Mahajan Ashmeer Sayyed ATIT MEHTA Bhuvana Subramanyan Brillian S.K Devi Prasad Dash Gaurav Ranade Hiral Shah Madhusmita Panda Manoj Srivastava Mansi Garg NAGANAGOUDA S J Nicky Sehwani nida khanam Pravin Menon Rahul Karwa Ramalingam Subramanian RISHAV DEV Roma Bindroo Samriddh Dasgupta Santosh Kumar Saurabh Srivastava Shwetha Iyer Sourabh Sodani Sudhanshu Tripathi Raja Sekhar AT Varun Gupta VR Rajesh Yuvrraj Agarwaal Australian Women in Business Excellence Awards WinnersLibby Roberts Tiffany Ashdown Ludwina Dautovic Denise Tung Koon Lai Felicity Grey Karen Kim Sarah Petty Grace Ng Saifon Chitdee Ghislaine Entwisle Liana Dubois Laura Cowell Shamane Tan Sue Langley Lisa Teh Justine Fardell Cindy Slaven Carly Irving dolan Christina Chia 10 Reasons why you should registerfor Hongkong Awards 2024Enhanced credibility and reputationNetworking opportunitiesAttract top talentMedia exposurePersonal and professional growthEmployer brandingIndustry benchmarkingMotivate your teamInvestment opportunitiesAccess to exclusive events and resourcesCxO Registration Guidelines for Hongkong 2024Registration ProcessJudging PanelContact usFrequently Asked QuestionsFew words from our recognised winnersAlan CheahDatin HabsahDato Haji Abdul Rani Haji OsmanDave PremDr Wendy LiewAdj. Prof. Farid BasirJuanita JohariJulian Sherman FernandezKu Sim LingMediha MahmoodZikry KholilWan Asma’ Haji Wan OmarMuhundhan Kamarapullai

About MIA Hongkong Awards 2024

Welcome to the Marketing In Asia’s CxO 2024 Recognition for hongkong. We are proud to present this prestigious recognition program that honors the exceptional achievements, dedication, and leadership of the top CxOs in hongkong. Our goal is to celebrate the professionals who play a vital role in shaping the future of the hongkong business landscape as key executives responsible for independent functions within their organizations.

10 Reasons why you should register
for Hongkong Awards 2024

  • Enhanced credibility and reputation

    Being recognized as a top CxO in hongkong will bolster your professional standing, showcasing your expertise and accomplishments to peers, clients, and partners.

  • Networking opportunities

    Join an exclusive community of fellow high-achieving CxOs, opening doors for collaboration, partnerships, and mentorship.

  • Attract top talent

    Boost your organization's appeal to prospective employees by showcasing your leadership prowess and commitment to business excellence.

  • Media exposure

    Gain visibility and recognition through press coverage, interviews, and social media promotion surrounding the MIA CxO 2024 Recognition.

  • Personal and professional growth

    Benefit from the knowledge exchange and insights shared by other top CxOs, inspiring you to continue driving innovation and success in your organization.

  • Employer branding

    Enhance your company's reputation and brand image by showcasing its leadership and commitment to excellence.

  • Industry benchmarking

    Position yourself and your organization at the forefront of your industry, setting the standard for best practices and success.

  • Motivate your team

    Inspire your team members by sharing your recognition and demonstrating the collective impact of your organization's achievements.

  • Investment opportunities

    Attract the attention of potential investors by demonstrating your organization's strong leadership and track record of success.

  • Access to exclusive events and resources

    Enjoy invitations to prestigious conferences, workshops, and other events, allowing you to further expand your knowledge and network.

CxO Registration Guidelines for Hongkong 2024

For the prestigious 2024 MIA CxO recognition in Hongkong, we’ve adopted a dual approach: registration and selections by our esteemed MIA panel.
To be eligible for this honor, candidates must fulfill one or more of the following criteria:

Be affiliated with a company based in Hongkong or owned by hongkong stakeholders.

Occupy a CxO, Director, or Department Head role.

Directly report to the CEO or Managing Director of an Hongkong enterprise.

Maintain an active online presence, marked by consistent, motivational content across various platforms.

Garner a following of 500 or more across all social media platforms.

Join us in celebrating excellence and leadership in Hongkong’s corporate landscape!

Registration Process

There are three ways a CxO can be registered. CxO can register directly, MIA Panelists can directly select and register the CxO and colleague of CxO can register them for the recognition.

Judging Panel

Our esteemed judging panel comprises experienced industry professionals, business leaders, and academics with extensive knowledge and expertise in various sectors.

Contact us

For more information about the Hongkong 2024 – MIA CxO - Recognition or for assistance with the registration process, please contact us at Mia100@mianext.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the MIA Impact Circle Stellar CxO 2024 Hongkong.

The Impact Circle Recognition and Awards Program is a part of our ongoing initiative to celebrate and acknowledge the exceptional work and impact made by our Impact Circle members. It’s a unique platform to celebrate success, recognize contributions, and inspire others.

Absolutely, there is no charge to apply or receive an award. Our goal is to recognize and promote the outstanding achievements of our members, and we believe that everyone deserves an equal chance to be acknowledged for their contributions.

The Impact Circle Recognition and Awards Program is run by Marketing in Asia (MIA), a reputed platform known for its integrity and dedication to highlighting the best practices in the marketing and business growth landscape. Our award processes are transparent, and winners are chosen through a fair and unbiased evaluation process.

Awardees gain visibility and recognition for their work, both within the Impact Circle community and outside. Winning an award can enhance your professional reputation, increase your brand’s visibility, and provide validation for your work. It’s a fantastic opportunity to network with other industry leaders and learn from their successes.

The selection process is unbiased and based on the merit of the applications received. MIA’s panel of experts reviews each application thoroughly, assessing each on its individual merits and in the context of the award criteria.

Yes, members are free to apply for as many categories as they believe are relevant to their contributions. Each category recognises a different area of achievement, so we encourage members to apply for all categories that align with their work.

Awardees will be celebrated across MIA’s platforms. This includes an announcement on our website, a feature in our newsletter, and promotion on our social media channels. Winners may also be invited to participate in MIA events and initiatives, enhancing their networking and collaboration opportunities.

The awards program is more than just recognition. It’s a testament to your commitment and success in your respective field. Being part of the awards can boost your personal and professional brand, open doors for networking, and set you apart in your industry.

Few words from our
recognised winners