Christina Chia

C-suite executive who see joys in serving and leading to advance community. "Living her very best life" as a corporate entrepreneur and community leader with a focus on social impact, stakeholder engagement quality, collaboration and people. A few key points about Christina: - Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 by Australian Council of Multicultural Entrepreneurs - Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) Honouree for advocacy multiculturalism and DEI. - Business Excellence awardee by VMC for outstanding leadership at North Shore Coaching College. (strategist & creates capabilities to generate sustainable value in Covid economy) - A Malaysian born Chinese, multilingual and a married mother of 2 daughters. - Strategic management and multi-site operations #educationleadership - Leadership with customer-centric attitude, inclusive and strong cultural values. - Leading transformation projects, uplifting technical capability and embedding sector leading practices. - Empowering leadership talents and managing high performance teams: empowering multi-disciplinary staff, fostering a positive and motivated workplace culture, and building high-performing teams who take initiative. - Strong track record of optimising operational processes and driving organisational growth - Values collaboration, connection & continual growth to be next best versions of ourselves - Professional speaker & presenter (Co-Founder MYC Heart Connectors podcast) - Raised over AUD$380,000 via leadership, Board and community roles over the past decade. - Positive living, lifestyle and Mental Health Advocate - Experienced Executive with over 25 years of leadership roles in education, aged-care and not-for-profit sectors in Australia and South East Asia regions. - Thrive by lifting others - Leading authority in creating opportunities, advocating fairness & building connections for multicultural communities. “It is imperative for my daughters and future generations of women, that I contribute to re-imagining possibilities for female Asian migrants. We need to own the vision of women who can be successful in business, contribute to their community & retain their independent spirit” …Christina Chia Instagram: @_christina_chia_ Facebook: Christina Chia