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About Marketing In Asia

What we read can change us. Marketing In Asia is where those powerful content can be found, can be read and conversations can be initiated. We’re a content platform where almost 100,000 readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking, and 1,000 content creators upload their content every month. Here, we are giving Asian content creators a voice. Expert and undiscovered voices alike dive in-depth into any topic and bring the content to the surface. Our purpose is to amplify them across Asia.

Besides embracing a new model for digital publishing, we are also encouraging our content creators and partners on monetization, incentivizing them for their work. Marketing In Asia is not just a content platform where creators can upload their content regularly and grow their brand, but also a platform where content creators can generate regular income from tasks and projects assigned to them.

We create an environment that’s open to everyone to promote not just authentic content and storytelling but also quality work and deliverables. We want to forge a deeper connection between readers and the platform, and this will lead to a meaningful discovery and growth. Together with thousands of content creators and partners, we’re building a trusted and vibrant ecosystem fueled by quality content, quality services and the people who consume them.

Anyone can upload content on Marketing In Asia. Bloggers, thought-leaders, journalists, podcasters, media agencies, experts, researchers and individuals with unique perspectives share their thinking here. Make your content among a variety of top content here, from personal stories, well-researched articles and how-to content, to interesting podcasts from well-known experts and inspiring videos made by an influencer.

Anyone can register as an independent freelancer on Marketing In Asia. From content writers and copywriters who can write well, social media experts who can run social media effectively and graphic designers who master the designs, to voice-over talents, influencers and website developers who know how to build great, quality websites. Build another channel to creating a sustainable income here.

Creating content is easy but parking it on the right platform will make all the difference. You need to find a better platform, where millions of readers across Asia can find it. It is time to get Asia to notice you through your authentic content and quality work.

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