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Smart Marketing: The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence & Automation On Marketing

Marketing automation is becoming increasingly essential to generate leads these days. Statista

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MIA Research Report: Emerging Consumer Trends

As technology advances, it impacts how consumers behave hence shaping consumer trends.

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The Rise of UGC & The Consumer’s Love Affair With Word Of Influencers 

The first documented online purchase was made in 1994. Just 25 years

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Bollywood’s Reality Check: Regional Cinema Takes Center Stage

The recent Academy Awards ceremony saw a surprising turn of events as

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Google India Fires 453 Employees as Part of Company-Wide Layoffs

Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, announced last month that 12,000

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Remote Work In Singapore: Trends & Statistics

Singapore is among the leading countries in the Asia Pacific region that

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Say Goodbye To Overpriced Groceries With Price Kaki

The cost of living is going up, which is a problem, especially

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2023 Oscars: The 5 Indian Films in the Running for the Most Coveted Prize

Oscar2023 is currently trending on Twitter as users eagerly anticipate the 95th

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MIA Research Stats: Will 2023 Need A Different Marketing Strategy?

Brand positioning is more complicated than just making a logo or a

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MIA Research Report: Shifting Marketing Priorities

The face of marketing is changing or rather evolving, and marketers must

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The 8 Major B2B Lead Generation Challenges And How To Overcome Them

Lead generation can be tricky. However, you need lots of leads to

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5 Factors That Can Force Your Marketing Strategy To Hit Reset 

Today, every person in business is familiar with the term agility. We

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The 3 Major Turning Points In Marketing  

Over the years, many events have shaped what marketing looks like today.

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