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Indian Startups Rally for Net Neutrality, Caution TRAI Against Overregulation 

In a significant move, more than 100 Indian startups, with notable names like Paytm, PhonePe, and Zerodha, have come together

profile By Divya Dubey

Unlocking the Future of Game-Tech: Ampverse Acquires Championfy’s Assets, Exclusive Insight

Ampverse, the titan of gaming communities and IPs in Asia, has made a groundbreaking announcement: the acquisition of technology and

profile By Dr. Surbhi Sharma

Koltiva Secures Seven-Figure Funding: Redefining Supply Chain Transparency for Agribusinesses

Koltiva's Rise in Sustainable Agri-tech Earlier today, Koltiva, the trailblazing startup rooted in Indonesia's sustainable farming landscape, made headlines as

profile By Gaurav