Frequently-Asked Questions

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What is Marketing In Asia?

Marketing In Asia is Asia’s leading media and marketing tech platform for brands and content creators. The platform makes it easy for you to not just enjoy insightful articles, infographics, podcasts, slides and videos online on topics related to marketing, people, business and startups, but also request assistance when it comes to all things marketing. It has thousands of independent marketing freelancers ranging from content writers, bloggers, copywriters, graphic designers, videographers and website developers, to voice-over talents, social media experts, social media influencers, strategists and certified consultants, to assist Asia on marketing strategies, campaigns and activities.

If YouTube is a service of displaying videos made by the creators who own the copyrights then Marketing In Asia is a service of displaying content made by the creators who own them. We do not own the copyrights and never claim those are ours. Start uploading yours today, and be found on the web.

As a marketing services platform, it has thousands of independent marketing-related freelancers ranging from content writers, bloggers, copywriters, graphic designers, videographers and website developers, to voice-over talents, social media experts, social media influencers, strategists and certified consultants, to assist customers with their marketing strategies, campaigns and activities.

How does Marketing In Asia work? 

There aren’t many content platforms out there that prioritise Asian content creators when it comes to content distribution. There are some, but all of them are Western countries based, promoting western values. The only option Asian content creators have is to develop content for their website and share it via their own social media channels. Occasionally they’ll guest blog. This method, while is decent, but not optimal if they wish to generate large traffic. This is where we come in. Content creators are free to upload their thoughts, ideas, opinions, reports, stories, anything. For readers, there are a huge number of stories they can learn from too, right here. We partner experts, coaches, marketers, freelancers, journalists, lawyers, universities, media organisations, research companies, global brands and many others to unite all their content here in Marketing In Asia for you.

Brands can talk to Marketing In Asia if they have requirements on marketing, anything. It doesn’t matter where you are in Asia, we will help deliver a quality service within the stipulated period of time agreed. Simply email us your marketing requirements at, share with us your expectations, and we shall respond as soon as possible. 

It’s so easy.

What’s your purpose?

We have two purposes. 

  1. To get Asia to notice you through content. 
  2. To serve brands with end-to-end marketing services so that they can market their products and services impactfully. 

What are you guys up to lately?

Searching for as many content creators as possible who want to build their authority across Asia, is what we are doing every day. If you are producing content in English, Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia and Tagalog regularly, we want you to sign up as our content creator. It doesn’t matter whether you’re based in the Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, North Asia, Australia or even New Zealand, as long as you’re based in Asia, we want your content. Upload them on Marketing In Asia today. 

We are also searching for qualified independent freelancers who can produce quality deliverables. Once you are part of our marketing freelancers ecosystem, you will be assigned tasks to be completed and get paid for them. Each task will be assigned by the Project Manager who then submits it to the client.

Where is your corporate office? 

Our corporate office is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are a registered entity in Malaysia, governed by the Companies Commission of Malaysia. 

Are you on social media? 

Let’s interact with one another on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter

I don’t see the information I need, how to contact you? 

Relax, you may either text us here in real-time or email us at

On Content

Is Marketing In Asia available across Asia? 

We are a digital platform, and accessible globally, not just in Asia. All our content is personalised to Asia. Today, we own a strong community in 14 countries namely the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Mongolia, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Indonesia, Laos, Australia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. We are expanding our reach into the Middle-East, South and Central Asia, the Pacific and North Asia by the end-2022.

Who are your visitors? 

They are marketers, bloggers, gamers, media communities, creative agencies, journalists, publication professionals, C-suites, heads of departments, academia and the general public. Not to mention, our competitors too.

Why should I upload my content on Marketing In Asia? 

Here’s why.

  1. You don’t have a website but your content quality is powerful.
  2. Your website is boring.
  3. You just want to write or produce content only, nothing else.
  4. You wish to avoid paying for the website, its domain, hosting and maintenance. 
  5. You want to get bigger traffic back to your social media or landing page.
  6. You want your social media to get more exposure.
  7. You wish to build quicker authority on Google and wish to be found easily.
  8. You are good at on-page SEO and need to bulk up on the off-page SEO. 
  9. You wish to generate leads.
  10. You want to sharpen your content writing skill.

What does it take to be a content creator on Marketing In Asia? 

Quality matters to us. We will be evaluating the content, not the creator. Here are the criteria,

  1. Good storytelling
  2. Well structured
  3. Minimum spelling and grammar errors
  4. Decent video, podcast and slides quality 

These will help generate more traffic to your content once it is displayed on Marketing In Asia.

Who owns the copyrights of the uploaded content? 

You are. If you start uploading various content such as articles, infographics, slides, videos and podcasts on Marketing In Asia, you own the copyrights. Marketing In Asia is just a service that will display and distribute your copyrighted content. We have no claim on your content. Marketing In Asia is not a publisher nor is claiming to own your content.

Am I getting paid for my content? 

You will. We are going to introduce the feature soon.

What about the type of content and the topics? 

It doesn’t matter if the topic is related to marketing, entrepreneurship, economy, finance, business, food, travel, technology, life, career, environment, dating or even gender, simply upload it on Marketing In Asia. For the type of content, we accept only articles, videos, infographics, podcasts and presentation slides.

Backlinks, are they allowed? 

Yes, backlinks are allowed. Just make sure you don’t overwhelm your content with too much of it. It’s annoying. And the Editor will reject your content if he or she finds it to be like that. 

How do I upload my content? 

Easy, here’s what you should do. 

  1. Properly register as a user in Marketing In Asia. Once registered, you will also be registered in Business In Asia and People In Asia.
  2. Please note that if you register as a user for Business In Asia, or People In Asia, then you will be able to access the said segment only.
  3. Complete your user profile.
  4. Use the right segment relevant to your content, is it meant for,
    1. Marketing In Asia.
    2. Business In Asia.
    3. People In Asia.
  5. Use the Upload Content button to start uploading.
  6. Fill up the details of the content inside the dashboard,
    1. Title.
    2. Description of the Title.
    3. Tags.
    4. The content itself.
    5. Featured image.
    6. Additional URLs or files such as images for infographics, Spotify for podcasts, YouTube for videos or slides.
  7. Check all uploaded information, again and again, to ensure its accuracy before submitting it for moderation.

What will happen once my content is submitted for moderation? 

The Editor will review, approve or decline it. All within 24 hours. If it is approved, you will then receive a notification about it via email. 

Will I be notified once my content is displayed? 

Yes, we will notify you via email once it is approved by the Editor. 

Why does my uploaded content doesn’t appear on Marketing In Asia? 

It’s because the Editor declined it. Here’s probably the reason why.

  1. You didn’t register as a user.
  2. Your registered name and details seemed fake.
  3. Your user profile is incomplete.
  4. You upload at the wrong segment.
  5. You didn’t attach a featured image to accompany the content.
  6. You didn’t properly attach the podcast, video or slides.
  7. There’s no introduction paragraph for the attached podcast, video or slides.
  8. Your content doesn’t benefit Asia.
  9. Your content is too hard-selling.
  10. Your content quality is below par. 

How to promote my brand in Marketing In Asia? 

Refer to our Promote Your Brand page here.

Which brands are you working with at the moment? 

Here are some of them,

  1. Epic Games
  2. Spotify
  3. CNN International
  4. Google Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia
  5. Waze
  6. YouTube
  7. Microsoft Malaysia
  8. CNBC Asia
  9. Yahoo! 
  10. Hard Rock
  11. Oracle
  12. Xaxis
  13. PR Newswire
  14. Cannes Lions
  15. Cognizant
  16. Mastercard
  17. Adobe
  18. GroupM
  19. Bloomberg
  20. The Economist
  21. Hootsuite
  22. Nikkei Asian Review
  23. Turner Media
  24. 123RF
  25. Accenture
  26. Eventbrite
  27. Reuters
  28. ADA Asia
  29. Socialbakers
  30. Talkwater
  31. Meltwater
  32. Brandwatch
  33. iPrice

Do you accept media releases? 

Yes, we do. Simply register your agency’s profile as a content creator and use the dashboard to upload your media release. The media release must be accompanied by relevant images or videos. Hard selling will be declined. 

Why are you declining my media release?


  1. It is a hard-selling piece.
  2. It has too many errors, either spelling or grammar.
  3. It is not a media release but a promo.

Can I propose myself, my management or someone worthy for exclusive coverage, feature or interview? 

Definitely. Let’s talk, email us at or text us in real-time here.

What’s your stats like? 

Let us be very clear on one thing. We are a young platform. Despite that, if you try to search for something that has ‘Marketing’ and ‘Asia’ keywords in it, obviously you will find us right at the top of Google Search’s first page. That’s authority right there, and we are very good at building one. Here are our stats as of March 1, 2021. 

  1. Alexa Ranking, 228,000+
  2. Impression, 1.2M+
  3. Page Views, 122K+
  4. Visitors, 76K+
  5. Content Creators, 1.5K+
  6. Content Available, 5K+
  7. Daily new content, 21+
  8. Local Content Covers, 14+ Countries
  9. Languages, 4
  10. LinkedIn Impression, 42K+
  11. Twitter Impressions, 41K+
  12. Facebook Organic Reach, 24K+

How to get in touch with Marketing In Asia’s Editor if I have questions or concerns?

You may text the Editor in real-time here or email them at

Content Creator’s Guide

Marketing In Asia comes with its new highly advanced platform that can do much more for its esteemed content creators. Marketing In Asia is still all about marketing and branding, but it now clearly identifies its readers and content creators; helping them to get their personal or company’s brand even more amplified through content. Marketing In Asia now covers a much bigger canvas with its brands that are being launched now or will be launched soon. While most of the brands are about content that depends on our esteemed content creators, some of the brands are applications that help the brands to amplify themselves better as well as create a revenue stream for themselves.

5 Editions of Marketing In Asia 

  1. Marketing in Asia (MIA). This is our flagship brand that remains at the heart of our digital publications and business. We remain Asia’s leading online media platform and now grow into a next-generation marketing-tech platform for brands and content creators.
  2. Business In Asia (BIA). Businesses need focused attention when it comes to branding. We created Business In Asia as our brand that publishes articles uploaded by businesses, and yes, this platform is exclusively for brands where MIA brings a host of services to help businesses amplify their brands across Asia and beyond.
  3. People In Asia (PIA). We live in a society that is a mix of people who have so much to share.  People In Asia has been created to cover people talking about health, wellbeing, food, entertainment, travel, education, their personal stories and much more. People In Asia becomes a platform to amplify the individuals and brands that make us a society cutting across geographical borders. 
  4. Startup In Asia (SIA). As the name suggests, Startup In Asia is focused to give voice to the startup ecosystem that includes hundreds of founders, start-up leaders, venture creators, funding companies, experts and the government. This platform intends to bring the founder and investor community closer and reap the benefits of their hard work while we amplify their voice to those who matter.
  5. Happening In Asia (HIA). Marketing In Asia uses events, recognition, awards and rating as one of the key tools for brand individuals and companies to effectively amplify their events, achievements and what’s happening out there. Happening In Asia is a focused platform to talk about events, recognitions and awards while bringing the participants and those who are honoured with ranking and awards to the limelight through digital. 

Our growth will definitely facilitate you as our content creators and brands in amplifying your voice further. 

Types of content creators? 

Marketing In Asia boasts of having a large number of talented content creators across Asia who share their voice through articles, podcasts and video.

  1. Individual Content Creators. Our largest content creators are from this community who regularly share their articles, podcasts, infographics, slides and videos through our platform. Our individual content creators not only get good visibility and are able to create their personal brand, but Marketing In Asia will soon launch its content marketplace that will help create revenue opportunities for select top-notch content creators through our platform.
  2. Brand Content Creators. Our platform is created specifically to amplify the voice of corporations, SMEs, businesses, government entities and organisations. If brand content creators are not able to write or create high-quality content, we do provide them services such as editorial, advertorial, content creation and distribution services so that brands can create a lasting impression through their contents amongst the user community that matter most to them.
  3. MIA Editorial. Our own editorial team has been very active all along contributing a lot of quality content. MIA will continue to create the benchmark for quality content and delight our readers across the spectrum. 

How to upload content on Marketing In Asia

Our new platform is fairly automated and provides seamless article submission to the MIA Editorial team. Let us understand the steps of article contribution on the New Marketing In Asia platform. Every individual content creator will have direct access to Marketing In Asia, Business In Asia, People In Asia, Startup In Asia* and Happening In Asia*  

* Soon 

Step 1. Register an account on Marketing In Asia and log in. OR you can directly login if you have an account on Marketing In Asia. People In Asia work the same too. If you wish to upload content on Business In Asia, repeat the same process but this time using your company/brand name. 

Step 2. Go to the edition you want your article or content to be published, either Marketing In Asia, Business In Asia, People In Asia, Startup In Asia or Happening In Asia, and upload your content at the dashboard. The content type must be accurately suited to the right edition, else it will be rejected. 

Step 3. Click Add Post to start uploading. Go to the top menu and select the right selection based on the type of content you have decided to submit.

Step 4. Post the article. Fill up all the blank fields line-by-line. If you aren’t sure what to do, text us in real-time here. In case you wish to submit your post in a language that does not exist on the platform, please email the editor here and we will configure the new language for you. You have to ensure that the right language is picked while posting the article else contact the editor to add a new language.

Step 5. Submit for Moderation

Step 6. Once submitted, your content will be reviewed and moderated. All will be done within 24 hours. If it is not meeting our standards, it will be rejected. You will be notified via email if it is approved. You are free to make changes and resubmit the article if you don’t hear anything from the editorial team within 24 hours. 

Important considerations for content creators

  1. User, this shall be a default status for all registered content creators’ accounts. 
  2. Ensure that your content is of the highest quality. Marketing In Asia gets far more content than it can publish, therefore the editorial team is forced to drop several contents that may never be published. The only consideration for publishing is the quality of content, the relevance to each edition; be it Marketing In Asia, Business In Asia, People In Asia, Startup In Asia* and Happening In Asia*. We rate our content creators based on the content quality, relevance and readership and give preference to all those content creators who are on top of our ranking list. 
  3. Content creators, who produce and upload quality content regularly will be upgraded to the Author status.
  4. Content creators with Author status are rated highly by Marketing In Asia and the more you are rated, your articles automatically get better reach.
  5. Content creators with Author status have the option to be part of the MIA Content Market where Marketing In Asia opens up opportunities for them to monetise their content and earn income. This option will only be applicable if your articles are published on Marketing In Asia and other editions.
  6. Content creators must get their profiles continuously updated. A complete profile with quality pictures ensures a better trust rating of the content creators for any potential customers who may consider engaging you for your services.
  7. You have a higher chance of getting published if you share content such as videos, infographics and podcasts.
  8. Images and pictures used in Marketing In Asia must be legal. You may look at Unsplash, Pexels or any other such free image sites if you wish to contribute a neutral image to accompany your content. The editor has the right to make changes to the uploaded images based on suitabilities except in the cases where images are the author’s proprietary. 
  9. The content creator holds the right to the contents posted by them, however, Marketing In Asia holds the rights to modify, edit and distribute the article without altering its message.

Content creators may reach out to for any help needed.

On Marketing Services

Who are your customers? 

Here are some brands we are working with and have worked with before,

  1. SCIKEY, Southeast Asia
  2. Pelangi Publishing Group, Malaysia
  3. Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS), Malaysia
  4. Al-Ikhsan Sports, Malaysia
  5. Halal Expo Dubai, UAE
  6. Xplorevic, Australia
  7. Viviamo! Inc, Philippines
  8. AXA-Affin General Insurance, Malaysia

Why should we outsource marketing tasks to Marketing In Asia?

There are various reasons why most customers decided to trust us. Here are the top 10.

  1. They have limited resources internally.
  2. They do not have the time to do it.
  3. They just outsource certain parts only, not all.
  4. They want to access better expertise and experience to accelerate growth.
  5. They wish to avoid fixed monthly expenses. 
  6. They want to focus on what they do best and leave the marketing to the experts.
  7. They just want to leverage our reach capability across Asia.
  8. They wish to maintain consistency.
  9. They prefer to deal with just one partner for all-things marketing.
  10. They don’t have the right talent for certain marketing niches.

Are your marketing services available across Asia?

Yes. In fact, we have approximately 1,000 marketing freelancers too, located in various Southeast Asian countries to assist with anything from content writing, blogging, graphic designing and videos right up to voice-over, social influencing, SEO and social media management. Most of them are based in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia. Our freelancers’ community will be among the biggest in Asia, and it doesn’t matter where you are to tap into our marketing expertise. 

Can Marketing In Asia help me with the entire of my marketing strategy, planning and daily execution?

Yes, completely. Simply text us here in real-time or email us at and let’s talk.

Do you have a rate card or pricing for your services?

Don’t worry. Once discussed and we understand the customer’s requirement, an official quotation will be sent to the person together with the terms and conditions.

For a customer, is it going to be a long-term commitment if we engage you for marketing services?

No, it doesn’t have to be. While there are deliverables that require a contract of 3 months, 6 months or a year, yet there are also straightforward tasks that can be done in just two days. Once all is done, our services will stop there. 

What would be the turnaround time for your marketing services deliverables?

Each quotation submitted will have not only the details of the deliverables but also the turnaround time we will take to submit the tasks.

As a customer, do I have to deal with the freelancers directly?

No. You will only deal with us. An Account Manager will be assigned to you. He or she will then liaise with the respective freelancers to get the tasks completed in time.

Why should I sign up as a marketing freelancer here?

You may be able to generate alternative income from the marketing tasks we’re assigning. Our clients aren’t just in one country, they are regional. And you don’t have to hunt for jobs, we will do it for you. In short, we focus on getting jobs, you focus on quality deliverables. 

What does it take to become a marketing freelancer on Marketing In Asia?

Quality matters to us. We prefer someone who has these capabilities,

  1. Able to grasp the expectation well.
  2. Able to produce top-notch work quality.
  3. Ability to deliver it on time.

How to contact Marketing In Asia if I have concerns or questions?

As a freelancer, you may reach out to the Project Manager for each project you’re assigned to. If you have a general question or concern, do email us at

How does Marketing In Asia pay its freelancers?

Once the job is completed, the money will be wired to the freelancer’s banking account within 30 calendar days. A notification will be sent to the freelancer about it.

How to join Marketing In Asia as a marketing freelancer?

Easy, just text us here in real-time or email us at your intention. We will onboard you accordingly.