Mary Jobail Lupisan

With an extensive multi-national Sales and Marketing experience, a visionary in helping more companies grow throughout the solutions she positions and provide. She is the creative force behind the Callhounds Global BPO Corporation brand, a Rising star in the Philippines BPO Industry, turning a 7 employee start up to 2,000 employees grade in less than a year. An exemplary figure for crafting the stories that resonate with both her employees and clients. Her impressive background in Sales, Marketing and Business Process Best Practices in multitude of Industries has been her driving force in elevating all her handled brands to new heights. Her strategic insights, innovative approaches and people management skills have not only set the brands she handles apart in the market but have also established a meaningful connection with their target audience. Under her impactful leadership, brands and organizations she\'s worked with witnessed groundbreaking campaigns, impactful storytelling, and a commitment to excellence that has truly elevated her partner company\'s presence. Today, Mary, who not only shares her vision to provide more opportunities to more families, but also supports the farming-- successful onboarding and smooth delivery of her partners, clients and employees has continuously been crafting innovative approaches, exciting initiatives and strategies that will continue to propel her handled brands forward.