Mubashir Chishti

• I am working in the DigiTech industry from last 19 years and have led innovations, customer obsession has been key principle of my management style. My time with Spectra Innovations has also highlighted the need for innovation in the future. • I am excited about helping to develop technology talent in Singapore and all across South Asia. I also enjoy working with Spectra Innovations because of our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. I am currently at a leadership role after having 19+ years of vendor side experience. I am strong advocate of bringing innovative approach to workplace. • I have also been able to attract key talent, hire & retain executives across APAC. My specialized domains are Cloud Computing/Networking, Hybrid Cloud, IOT, Cybersecurity, FinTech & High Availability. • In this modern digital era adoption of technology gives businesses, government, health care, financial & social sector institutions more possibilities to lift their productivity.