Mark Masterson

It’s always been about something more, a need to see things that others haven't and somehow keep myself from experiencing something new. That's a part of why I wake up and continue exploring the unfolding everythingness. It's my dysfunction. We are travellers, traveling through time, space, place, and even in our own heads. My journeys take me through brands, cultures, creativity, and self-discovery as well. It's the faces, places, looks, and everything around us that stoke the engine in my head and seep out of it. The first creative stumbles were like most people's, but then came a chance to create an outdoor retailer called Porcupine in Boston, Boulder, and Seattle. It was a hint to the iconic consumer promotions, events, and platforms for AB/Inbev and Coca-Cola to come. I've distilled myself into new liquor brands for Sauza and Justin Timberlake, created events in New York's Central Park for AOL/Yahoo and Amex, and taken Harley-Davidson all over China. Beyond this incomplete list, I've also created for Electrolux, GM, Sony Pictures, Princess Cruises, SAB Miller, Nestlé Nordic, Ramlösa, Disney, Harley-Davidson, Tag-Heuer, Porsche, and Volvo as part of my grand tour. The real challenges arrived in my growth as the head of creative for the Coca-Cola Companies and Brown-Forman at Momentum Worldwide. This immersion led me to create platforms and launch brands, and even garnered some media attention. It also took me to Sweden, where I lived and worked. Then embracing a taste for change I became a partner in the boutique innovations agency white_space, focusing on brand creation, strategy, and new technologies. These moves, along with my ever-changing experiences, expanded my horizons, which eventually led me back to Momentum/McCann as ECD/ Country CEO of Greater China. From there, McCann asked me to be the global creative head for GumboLive, a millennial think-tank partnership between IPG MediaBrands and Momentum Worldwide. And then, I returned to APAC, joining another IPG agency, doing some consulting work, and after a stint in Singapore, I made a jump to Ghana/West Africa as Group ECD for DDB Innova + M&C Saatchi Rezultz + iD Digital + TouchPoint + Brand Alert, part of an African group. Then, Covid came along, and there was an embassy call for hasty evacuation. Eventually, I found my way back to Singapore, where my family calls home, and joined Chab Group as their Worldwide Executive Creative Director. As with the ends (for now) of many stories, mine goes back even further. Without being mentored by Soviet-era design and illustration legends, Roman Duszek, Cedomir Kostovic, and Eric Pervukhin, I would have never truly understood how to use my curiosity and develop a real creative work ethic. I would have never done a lot of things. Maybe it's time to do something new together?