Sean Lam

Driven by an unwavering commitment to catalyze societal and environmental change, Sean embarked on a transformative journey with the eco-social enterprise Ecoworks. As founder and chief philosophy officer, his vision was shaped by a keen awareness of the disparities inherent in sustainability efforts. Pioneering the introduction of automated refilling stations for home care in Singapore, Ecoworks emerged as a beacon of action-driven sustainability. With an audacious aim to eliminate 10 million single-use plastic bottles from Singapore\'s waste stream annually, Ecoworks is leading the charge towards a greener future. This ambitious project is supported by the Philip Yeo Innovations Fellow Programme. Prior to his venture with Ecoworks, Sean served as the co-founder and CEO of Jewel Paymentech, a subsidiary of the fintech unicorn Advance Group. Prior to that, his tenure as the director of risk at Visa saw him champion pivotal regulatory amendments, including the adoption of 2 Factor Authentication and EMV chip cards – seemingly minor interventions with monumental implications. Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Sean is actively engaged in community service, serving as a member of the Singapore Standards Council, a volunteer police officer, a National Environment Agency Community Volunteer, and a Grassroots Leader at the People\'s Association. Each role underscores his unwavering dedication to propelling progress and effecting positive change within the community.