Kiran Sharma

Kiran Sharma, a trailblazing entrepreneur in the global payments sector, has emerged as a prominent influencer in the industry, lauded for both her remarkable achievements and commitment to championing gender equality. In her role as the Founder, Director & Senior VP of Vasu, Kiran embodies an unwavering dedication to continuous growth, exploration, and adept handling of unforeseen challenges. Kiran utilizes creative thinking and empathetic communication skills to build an emotional trust base with clients and colleagues alike, leading to long term loyalty and patronage. An intuitive understanding of what specific projects require, and an evolving knowledge base of rapidly changing market dynamics has provided for facilitation of unique timely business opportunities. In overseeing a team of dozens of customer service persons, external sales agents and marketing professionals around the globe, she effectively utilizes traditional marketing, digital advertising, and overall growth marketing strategies in order to drive awareness, consideration, and sales conversion for the multiple global payment brands for which she spearheads their collective roadmaps. Having spent nearly a decade in Southeast Asia, Kiran has built an extensive network and honed skills in sourcing, facilitating, managing, and analyzing business relationships for client companies. Her commitment to expertise is underscored by a Fintech Innovation accreditation from the National University of Singapore Business School. As an internationally focused entrepreneur, Kiran excels in strategic planning and cross-border business operations. Her deep understanding of the Asia-Pacific market empowers her to navigate complexities and adapt to diverse cultural contexts, demonstrating agility in leadership. Kiran's entrepreneurial journey led her to a profound interest in the payments industry, culminating in the co-founding of Vasu, a global payment processing company. Leveraging her expertise in relationship building and client engagement, she established Vasu's worldwide payments infrastructure and sales operations, strategically focusing on the emerging and high risk markets. In her current role at Vasu, Kiran actively addresses challenges arising from rapid technological advancements in payment processing. She proactively monitors emerging technologies and collaborates with development teams to keep clients well informed on how to make decisions. Building trust and credibility with clients remains a priority, achieved through transparency, open communication, and a steadfast commitment to delivering on promises. Kiran's mantra centers around forging one's own path and helping others build their own along the way. Additionally, she advocates for fairness in consultative-based sales, emphasizing the importance of equitable treatment for all parties involved. Kiran firmly believes that taking time to share information and guide others is integral to fostering a successful team dynamic. Her influential leadership not only sets a benchmark in the payments industry but also serves as an inspiration for future generations, especially women, encouraging them to achieve success and drive positive change.