Justin Gao

Justin Gao is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of WikiEXPO and WikiBit, as well as the Head of Marketing for WikiFX Greater China. Since joining Wiki five years ago, Justin Gao has played a key role in driving the company\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s market expansion in the blockchain and fintech space. Justin had no prior experience working in the field prior to joining Wiki, but he quickly made his mark within the company with his excellent learning skills and leadership skills. He built and led an efficient marketing team from scratch to significantly increase the visibility and influence of the company\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s brand overseas and in Greater China through innovative marketing strategies and accurate data analysis. Under Justin\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s leadership, WikiEXPO, WikiFX, and WikiBit have successfully hosted several industry summits and exhibitions, attracting the attention of many industry experts and enthusiasts. He is adept at driving user engagement and loyalty through cross-platform integration and content marketing, which has earned the company a good reputation in the market. Although this was his first job at Wiki, his achievements in a short period of time are a testament to his extraordinary talent and potential. He actively participates in industry exchanges and cooperation, and is committed to promoting the development of financial technology and creating a safer and more transparent market environment for users.