Mustafa Kapasi

Mr. Mustafa Kapasi is currently the Chief Operating Officer of M1. He has more than three decades of global experience spanning 12 countries, in varied industries but a large part, in telecommunications. Joining M1 in 2019, Mustafa has been working alongside the senior management team to drive M1’s digital and people transformation journey. Since then, M1 has successfully overhauled its legacy technology stack and shifted to a completely new cloud native digital platform, while also updating how M1 employees work. Today, operations are more structured and performance is better managed, ensuring that both the organisation but the people at M1 are future-ready. The comprehensive digital transformation goes hand in hand with a full rebranding exercise, spearheaded by Mustafa. As part of the brand refresh, Mustafa and his marketing team unveiled a new M1 logo. Inspired by the golden and magical hour of the day, the refreshed corporate colour symbolises that the best time is here for M1, while the ‘M’ in the new M1 logo represents the heart of the new brand, which is ‘Made-to-Measure’. It reinforces M1’s commitment to being a customer-centric company, delivering bespoke products that are tailored to meet the specific needs of its customers. This is to accompany the new M1 made-to-measure Bespoke mobile plans – Bespoke Flexi, Bespoke Contract and Bespoke SIM – which can be customised in just three simple steps to fit every user’s individual needs. Mustafa and his team also launched a new brand campaign – ‘Be’ – an ode to seven unique Singaporeans who dared to embrace their individuality, following their own paths and passions. This campaign celebrates each individual’s distinctiveness and demonstrates M1’s belief in empowering customers to be their best, unique and authentic selves, supported by a brand that fits every need. Following the full rebranding exercise, Mustafa and his team continues to deliver on the promise of transforming the way customers engage with M1. This includes a recent unveiling of the new sonic identity, an innovative musical arrangement meticulously crafted to resonate with the brand’s essence. The new sonic identity will be integrated across customer and digital touchpoints, offering a consistent and memorable brand experience. This musical arrangement, in both its standard and culturally enriched versions, is a testament to M1’s commitment to creating a “Made-to-Measure” brand experience. It reflects not only the brand’s values of authenticity, collaboration, and positivity but also its respect for the diverse cultural tapestry that makes Singapore unique. Through this sonic identity, M1 aims to connect with its audience on a personal level, celebrating individuality and unity alike.