This Is How I Boost My Personal Brand, And I Want You To Do Exactly The Same

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By becoming a storyteller. That’s how I am doing it. I’m not quite sure you do notice this or not but human beings like you and I, we are a living learning machine. A living learning machine that is good in observing things. And we evolve along the way. We love to hear stories, other people’s stories that is, especially on their experience, expectations, wisdoms and opinions about something. From stories, it will eventually become stories. Stories that we could be able to relate to and learn from. Stories that we could use as a guide for us to move forward with our life and career. Stories about mistakes that we could learn to avoid.

For the past 40 odd years, my life has been pretty colourful, and I keep tab on all of those. I have a journal of my own that I write them down consistently throughout my adult life. To move forward successfully, I still need to look at the rear mirror just in case. History, in a way, place an important role for me to stay grounded. This is what I always believed in. From proud, funny, sad, tragic to embarrassing moments, I have experience them all. These invaluable experiences led me to what I have become today.

To boost my personal brand, I am using these experience of mine and other people’s stories which I can sum them up into these simple points.

Choosing my niche. I hold a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing from a local university. Being a passionate marketer, entrepreneur and social media junkie, the niche that I chose is extremely obvious. It is not a very difficult one as these are where my skill-set, knowledge and passion lies. I have been eating, sleeping, drinking and living content, social media and digital marketing all my life.

Enforce my authority within the niche. Content has been within my DNA since ages and always been fascinated by it. I have achieved great success beyond my original expectations out of it. These achievements are the foundation of my confidence. With this confidence, I am able to sincerely display what is workable and what isn’t. Sincere facts , insights and opinion, with no holds barred.

Interesting stuffs. During my university days, I read a lot of books on human behaviour. I mean really a lot. Using these as a guideline, I like to write and curate my articles towards the liking of my audience and readers. Bring them into the subject, mould their feeling into a character within the story and get their emotions attached to it. This is an ingredient of an interesting article from my humble opinion.

Simple words and sentences. My level of English is beyond basic, it’s dead simple actually. And it works wonders. Instead of using complicated sentences fuelled by bombastic words, I’d rather use a very simple words and sentences to stress my points. The result shows it all, they just love almost every single piece of articles I wrote. I did say almost, didn’t I?

Flow of the story. Any interesting article needs to have an introduction, the body and the conclusion. These are the must haves. Now put them on steroids. Each paragraph needs to have a bit of a drama, twists and the handover between one paragraph to another must be done in a very delicate manner as if there is a bridge that connects between these paragraphs. Readers like to read a well curated and easy to understand story line.

Conversational-like. I like to write as if I am talking to you face-to-face. As crystal clear  as possible so that you do not miss points I want you to know. With conversational-like mode of writing, it makes everything goes alive and kicking.

Inspire. Most articles are trying hard to inspire people but many lack sparks in the stories. Why? Because majority of them aren’t based on a true story. If you wish to inspire, simply get all your stuffs out of our chest, put them on writing and share the world authentic stories only. This is where the soul of the article comes from. And believe me, it won’t go wrong.

Conclude it with style. How? By having a killer statement that enables the readers to relate to the story at the end of the article. Just like having a great introduction, a great closing is also very important to any article. All you need is to summarise the entire story with a bit of a twist. Create a sentence that will be a memorable one. Oh yes, this is extremely important because it will encourage readers to write comments as a feedback. Well, at least they’ll donate a Like there.

Shareable stories. All I need is to ensure that I have a great subject, interesting contents and points that readers could take home from all my articles. Then I can safely say that I will have good shareable stories. I do not have to ask readers to share them after posting, instead they will do it willingly.

Once the readers shared my articles, another network layers of readers will be automatically created. My name and what I do, will also get exposed to these new group of potential audience and followers. This is when I will act by sending my connection requests to them. But normally they are the one who sent me the connection requests first.

Now, I want you to build your personal brand exactly the same way I am now building mine. It works great for me so far and trust me it will work for you too. I have been using these pointers to establish myself as a go-to person in digital marketing industry and you can see it for yourself the number of engagements I am having at the moment. So can you, in your own respective industries.

Just put a bit of effort from now on, and you’ll be surprised with the outcome.

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