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How To Build Brand Awareness With Consistent Brand Image

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How To Build Brand Awareness With Consistent Brand Image

Let me paint a picture for you. What happens when you hear someone say “Coca-Cola”? Your brain quickly envisions a red can with the iconic Coco-Cola logo. Some of you might even recall an ad and start humming it unconsciously. How do you think this happened? This is the result of years of consistent branding. In order to stay memorable in the minds of your (potential) customers, it is crucial to have a good brand image, which can only be achieved through consistency.

In this article

  1. Why is consistency the key to cultivating a brand?
  2. What is a brand perception, and why is it so important?
  3. How consistency build awareness ?
  4. How to find unique voice for your brand through consistency?
  5. Conclusion

Why is consistency the key to cultivating a brand?

People are likelier to remember and recommend you to others if you have a solid and consistent message. And it doesn’t matter if your customers are in person or online–issues of consistency no matter what. Following a consistent message helps build a brand. Even if it’s not intentionally communicated, people are likely to identify your brand by picking up from the consistency it delivers. For example, a company that advertises at the same time every day has obviously done this consistently, so they’re more likely to be remembered than other companies whose ads come and go.

What is a brand perception and why it is so important?

Brand perception is a customer’s opinion about a company and its products. It is essential because it can affect how customers view the company, its products, and how they feel about the company in general.

The two main factors that contribute to a customer’s perception of a brand are:

  1. The quality of the product.
  2. How well the brand communicates with customers.

While the quality of the product is a topic for some other day, let’s discuss the latter. A customer’s perception of a brand is primarily influenced by how well it communicates with them. Whether through email, social media or the company website, customers are constantly looking for a way to interact with brands they like. Now here’s the catch. The company must be consistent with its branding across all these interaction channels. A good brand must maintain consistency so that its target audience associates a specific feeling with the product. It should also be able to connect with its customers in ways they can remember easily. That aids in improving brand recall. The quality you produce, the values you stand for, the promises you keep and the way you portray yourself to customers all contribute to your brand identity. The more memorable your image is in your customer’s minds, the more likely they are to buy from you again.

Let’s consider an example

Let’s assume a customer contacted ABC corporation through their website and did not receive a response; this could cause them to feel as if ABC was not providing what they promised. They may believe that they were pledged to fast service and didn’t receive it because there was no response to their inquiry, which could hamper their brand image.

A strong brand image builds a positive brand perception and is essential for any company. It makes your company stand out from the crowd and ensures potential customers won’t easily forget you.

How consistency build awareness?

Establishing a compelling brand is about more than the consistency of your service and customer experience. You also must ensure your company has a well-thought-out look, feel, and messaging going into every aspect of its operations, from customer service to marketing. Had Netflix constantly experimented with its logo and sonic identity, or had Coca-Cola changed their font to a new style every year, do you think that mentions of these names would have caught on as they do now? Consistent branding helps to define the uniqueness of your company. In this fast-paced and competitive world, differentiating yourself from other brands is critical, and branding can be a great way to do so. Here’s how:

1. By standing up for something unique: Let’s ride on our beloved Netflix’s back again. Why do you think it is so popular? The idea of the Netflix identity is to create an experience you can’t find anywhere else. You don’t want to be on your phone scrolling through Facebook all day or spending time on Instagram; you want to spend time on Netflix. If a brand doesn’t stand for something, it stands for nothing. Pick your “something” wisely and make sure it is unique.

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2. It can help make a memorable first experience. When you are a business owner, you may think that investing in branding is not necessary. However, it can lead to more opportunities and give your customers an idea of who you are. Branding is vital in the sense that it reduces your costs and makes your clients feel more loyal. According to MIA research, 65% of startups believe branding is essential for forming a positive first impression with customers [1]. Business owners must ensure that those little aspects of their business are polished for customers. In doing so, they show off the actual quality of their brand. Consumers form an opinion of your business based on the aspects you present to them.

brand consistency
MIA Research: Branding is essential in forming the first impression

3. It puts you on the map. Entrepreneurs need to build a brand image to have success. Having a solid and attractive brand will help you gain visibility not only with customers but also with investors. It’s easier to secure investment when you are well-branded, and if you are a startup company, you need to make sure your brand is impressive. A study done by the MIA found that 14% of respondents believe branding is essential in securing financial backing [1]. 

brand awareness
MIA Research: Branding is essential in securing financial backing

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4. It can help gain customer loyalty. When consumers make a purchase, not only are they buying the product or service but also your promise to them. You need to fulfil this promise to keep them coming back for more. You’ll build a stronger relationship with your customers by frequently working on the branding & marketing aspects of your business, which is an integral part of re-creating and maintaining a memorable brand image.

How to find unique voice for your brand through consistency?

A brand’s voice is one of the most critical aspects of brand identity. A brand’s voice is what sets it apart from the competition. It is something that should be consistent across all of your content and marketing materials.

Having a consistent marketing presence across various mediums helps create an identity for your brand’s appearance that is unique to you. With so many new channels available, you have to switch gears between marketing on mobile devices and desktops to stay up with demand. That’s why marketers need to realise the distinctions between omnichannel & multichannel marketing & push themselves to be able to stay ahead of the game. 

Brand communication is something that has to be consistent and tailored across all channels & devices. The underlying principle is customer-centric – meaning that it should provide customers with the most pleasant experience possible while being contextual and relevant to them.

Consistent branding is indeed 3x more likely to be seen by your audience, which in turn increases your odds of building a solid presence online [2]. Here are some basics you might want to follow:

1. Define your brand colours and stick to them. Your brand colours represent the attitude that your business conveys, and it also reflects your personality. The only way to make sure your brand is consistent and easy to spot is by using them consistently. It is as simple. As per MIA research, 63% of the respondents said they had set brand colours that they used everywhere, and 68% said they started strong but eventually lost sight of the subject [1].

brand consistency
MIA Research Best Brand Building Practices

2. Use a single colour if possible. By using a consistent colour in the various facets of your brand’s marketing assets, you can cause them to stand out for more recognition. Of those who responded, only 41% agreed to use a single-coloured logo that coordinates with maintaining consistency [1]. 

3. Focusing on product packaging. When 33% of the most successful companies across the globe use a specific colour in their logos, it’s a safe bet that this colour appeals to most [3]. Blue is one of the most popular colours for businesses and is commonly used for marketing all over. Packaging entails a lot of things that significantly affect the personality of your business- from the fonts and colours you use to how appealing your products are. All these aspects are things you need to think about when designing your product for it to have an identity. 


Visual marketing is essential because it leaves a memorable impression. A marketable image will help your brand stand out among others with limited marketing budgets, and consistency will aid in achieving this. Consistency creates trust, loyalty, and engagement with your audience. It lets your audience know what they can expect from you and what they can count on when spending time with you. With the ever-changing marketplace, a lot is at stake. You want to create a brand that can be consistently presented across platforms to help maximise revenue.

To know more about best brand-building practices – download the report. 


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