Generating Conversations Can Lead To Generating Conversions For Brands

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Your brand has a strategic and tactical marketing plan to drive clicks to your website. All its steadfast focus on content, link building, programmatic advertising, influencer marketing & email campaigns are driving targeted traffic to you. Still, the brand’s conversion rates appear to be stalling. Sounds eerily familiar? Marketing teams should thus approach conversion, optimisation, and its many building blocks to get started.

Conversion marketing incorporates the art and science of marketing to maximise the percentage of visitors taking the desired action on your digital properties. Such a strategy includes tactics to make the most of the existing traffic on a website by optimising its key elements to uplift conversions. In a world where interaction, opinion and communication are a requisite, this is why social media platforms are still seeing growth and can influence and shape consumer views and decisions.

Types of conversions in marketing:

  • Marvel’s complete digital marketing strategy achieved a 68% cinema ticket conversion rate.

Despite being one of the biggest entertainment brands in the world, Marvel never rests on its laurels. Its step drop-off rate is what Marvel wanted to combat. As per Marvel’s new marketing scheme, users were asked to swipe up and comment with an appropriate hashtag.

Once they did, an automated checkout bot took over and asked a few questions that led them through some nine stages of the purchase funnel in less than a minute – without having to leave the app. On the initial Infinity War campaign, they achieved a 58% conversion rate and 18X more comments than any other in-season content.

  • When the team at Cook’s Illustrated provided helpful tips for people who want to program their coffee makers to ground fresh coffee in the perfect amount of time.

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Sometimes, a conversion could be as simple as a shopper who chooses to download a piece of content you’ve provided on your site. This will slowly push the consumers towards a more high-valued action like a purchase. For Cook’s illustrated, it’s the helpful content that relates to the items they sell, catalyses the collection of email addresses to nurture their shoppers with timely and relevant email campaigns, and may motivate shoppers to purchase a new coffee maker.


  • How Ben & Jerry’s moved consumers from online to offline for better engagement.

To drive interest and awareness of the new product – pint slices, Ben & Jerry’s ran Facebook and Instagram ads linked to a social commerce checkout. Users engaged with the ads would receive a chat sequence similar to the Marvel one above. It’d ask for their preferred pickup location and flavour. With that information, a free QR code would be generated, which, when taken to the nearest vending machine, would secure a free pint slice. 5000 new samples were moved in 72 hours. Moreover, they gained 2.2X the customer insights they usually would through a similar campaign.


  • How Nike’s social commerce strategy started in the real world before seeing completion on social platform.

Nike’s promotion of Jordan’s through Snapchat is a great example of bridging the offline and online sales worlds as it bucks the general trend of social commerce and focuses on higher-priced products for better AoV. Nike started by targeting a relevant audience: basketball fans. At the afterparty for the NBA All-Star game, Nike hid snap codes in different event space areas. When scanned with Snapchat, the code would kick off a social commerce checkout within Snapchat. The reward was a (back then) unreleased pair of Jordan’s. Despite being a higher-priced product, Nike sold out of this limited run within 23 minutes.


  • Nordstrom’s highly effective product checkout page is a simple and efficient way to generate conversion.

Loyal buyers are a brand’s top-rated advocates. Nordstrom acquires the basic information from prospective buyers who can choose their ideal delivery method and know exactly how long it will take for the item to arrive at their door. Once the purchase is complete and the item is delivered, the shoppers can more easily be roped in for another purchase.


Social chatter can influence decision-making & sale and build trust and popularity for brands. More than half of buyers consider brand conversation on social media more impactful than traditional reviews. However, though the influence of brand conversation is high before or early in a purchase journey, it decays over time – meaning always-on engagement is key and can even kick-start buying decisions. The power of conversion marketing lies in its ability to leverage a traffic base of millions to drive a significant uplift in revenue with a marginal uplift in conversions brought about by a minuscule tweak.

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