What is Network Marketing and How Does it Work?

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Network marketing is a popular business model that involves selling products directly to consumers who need them. It’s been around for decades, and its continues to grow. Distributing products has traditionally been a big hassle.

New potential customers had to be recruited, experience other salespeople, or buy from smaller websites than you could reach. Distributors have streamlined distribution of these products in a way that allows greater reach and success for companies. Network marketing is an opportunity for some people to start a business with flexible hours. They can run the company and commute the work they do in their own time.

Types of network marketing

Direct marketing, multi-level marketing, affiliate marketing, consumer-direct marketing, referral marketing and home-based business franchising are all terms used to describe networked business models. Where independent contractors sell products or services to consumers.

The Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business model is the most common form of network marketing, with the majority of MLM participants utilizing this business model to sell products directly to consumers. The salespeople in this model, called independent “direct sellers”, they purchase inventory units that are present then sold into their own consumer markets either through retail outlets or through online sales.

Products can also be sold at company-sponsored events and conferences. These categories are similar in that people use their networks to run their businesses. By doing this, people can make sales or recruit other individuals to sell the products. they are offering.

Direct marketing

This marketing system is based on a single tier and if you sign up to sell the product and recruit other people, you will not be earning any money. The payout will be dependent on how many people you recruited. Direct marketing is often the most direct form of sales.

If you get your friends & family to buy into a product (or a network marketing program), this is fantastic and can really add up over time.

Sources: cyberclick

You’ve reduced your expenses by not recruiting distributors and only selling in direct. This gives you more resources for business, which is a very good thing! Pay-per-click and pay per lead affiliate programs allow the user to receive a certain amount of money for every click or lead that is brought in by their website.

One of the more interesting marketing strategies out there is direct email marketing. This communication method allows advertisers to make ads that are personalized, engaging and depend on the receiver’s interests.

Direct marketing can be harder to measure, but it is still possible to get an idea of how much interest there is in your campaign.

Affiliate marketing

Increasingly, companies are using affiliate marketing programs in a lot of different ways. Website owners and bloggers typically provide links to products they love through their websites and blogs.

Customers can trust the website and purchase their products immediately because the site pays referral commission. This also provides them with a safe and reliable place to shop on, where they know that they’ll be getting what they’re looking for.

It’s important that people know that bloggers may be taking advantage of them through affiliate links. An easy way to tell your audience is to put a disclaimer at the bottom of a blog post. Many affiliate programs are there in the market.

You need to conduct some research and find high-paying affiliate programs to join. Affiliate marketing is not about blogs and websites. There are also apps that can be downloaded for your phone or tablet where you can earn commission by driving traffic to specific stores, shopping websites or brands.

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It’s a process that seems easy and quick, which is why it has many people believe in its competencies. However, there are some warning signs that ought to make you realize the way most people do it might not be optimal.

There are many ways of making money with affiliate marketing, but they all have one thing in common – they’re extremely time-consuming. You’ll need to put in a lot of effort and hustle, which will lead to a rewarding flow of sales for your company.

While selling products, a commission is paid for every sale. To be a ‘commission-only sales representative’, you’d need to only focus on driving sales, and not worry about collecting money from the client in return.

Multi-level marketing

In MLM, consumers and businesses can find someone who is passionate about the industry and join a Marketing Opportunity Brand with that person. By offering products at a discounted price, the company tries to create more customers who are passionate enough to talk about their product with friends & family as well as buy other products they may need while creating revenue for themselves.

Distributors get a share of the profits from the sales of products. Even though they don’t get a regular salary, they’re still earning a significant amount of money every month. That is plenty of motivation for them to keep working hard for you.


MLM companies provide a healthy infrastructure and great training and help to show people the benefits of the products they come with. Plus, like many other types of salespeople or distributors, MLM reps can reinvest their money to buy more products and sell them on. There are also many multilevel marketing software tools to help an MLM organization run efficiently.

They receive fixed commissions to recruit distributors, but they also earn an income from selling products. Sales representatives should focus on the recruitment aspect of their work and reach a certain level of sponsorship to reach the top tier.

 Notable features of network marketing

source: marketing91

Hierarchal Structure

Assume that a person ‘ A ‘  has a person  ‘ B ‘ behind him.

A will get a commission for his sales, but most of the money will have to go to B if they are using a salary. B gets a commission on any sales made by individual C. It is a 3-level hierarchy that can lead to excessive issues with what these executives might consider similar activities.

No advertising

MLMs are an ideal platform for businesses that need to spend less on advertisements. Network marketing allows for custom communication of the products & services to customers which means MLM can rely less on ads.

Direct sales

Network marketing companies don’t use a distribution channel and instead rely on independent participants to sell their products. All participants / associates earn the same share of revenue, so there is no incentive for them to market their products.

Profits for the participants

By joining a network marketing campaign, you’re able to make even more money, and you can use the additional benefits to your advantage. Talk to people in person about your product, share work opportunities you might find on the ground, and earn additional commission.

Selling philosophy

Network marketing is a sales-oriented approach which focuses heavily on recruiting if not selling. Selling the products to the audience, hosting seminars, or providing content to earn money from commissions.

One thing many companies like this focus on is relationships with their audience as well as other people in said industry–in order for them to really sell their products.

Independent business owners (IBO)

Participant uses IBO platform. They work to promote their business and earn income at the same time. Business owners can have unlimited customers from anywhere, allowing them flexible work hours.

Unfixed salary structures

Network marketing involves executing specific tasks for a commission. Salary models in this field involve payment-based methods that vary depending on the company’s needs.

An accountable framework

In network marketing, people are responsible for selling more products. In the commission-based model, it is based on what someone sells. It is straightforward and easy to explain to newer members or people that they are accountable to sell more products and earn more money.

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Structure of network marketing

Manufacturers need to build a network marketing structure that is robust. They’re able to do this by having distributors, sub-distributors, and dealers. All these distributors get goods and products from manufacturers at wholesale rates. They can use them personally or you can sell them to other distributors and make profit!

It forms a chain that continues until distributors reach customers. When they reach customers or become final consumers themselves, then the distribution chain ends. To create a system of network marketing, manufacturers require multiple distributors, sub-distributors, and dealers.

As a result, retailers save money by buying products at wholesale prices directly from producers. They can either use them themselves or sell them to other distributors at a profit. For retailers, the chain is moving on further and getting smaller.

This will help them drive more profits from their marketing strategy. Brokers don’t have their own companies; they work on commission with companies they refer. This makes them like when working with insurance agents and helps them save money by dealing in the goods these companies sell.

Use of network marketing

Business structures that require a multi-level form of marketing typically use network marketing. This is because manufacturers need to have an extensive network of retailers to sell their products and win new customers but also because there must be a solid structure for purchase orders, revenue, and inventory tracking. Distributor is a person who profits from generating sales.

Many businesses use this part-time distributor experience to boost their sales at home. Some of these success stories include Amway and Tupperware, which have also generated revenue from distributors all around the world.

How to start a network marketing business model

You want to start a network marketing company? If so, make sure to have a strong core team with a strong marketing team. The idea of having someone who is passionate about your company but does not follow the rules is not feasible because that can undermine your efforts and affect your marketing strategy.

Marketing is important for business’s success but the firm should maintain honesty and genuine sincerity. It is a way of self-marketing. In network marketing, you can be successful if you put your focus on the products that you are selling, rather than getting more people to sign up.

If your goal is to start a network marketing business from scratch, one of the most important steps is finding a wholesaler or manufacturer. This will help you find adequate suppliers to meet your needs and/or distribute your product.

Find a niche

You need to identify why you want to start a network marketing business and this will help you to not only be more motivated about making your business successful, but it will also allow you to understand what you are passionate about and start your business successfully.

Select a product line for your network marketing company. The most popular type of business out there right now is the MLM.

Wholesale suppliers

Search for a wholesale supplier through the Association of Wholesaler-Distributors and enrol you company. Attend meetings to become more familiar with the network. Find supplies for your business through this network.

Set price structure

Set the suggested retail price of your products according to your supplier’s recommendations. Create a commission structure for your distributors on several different levels.

Organizational and management setup

Use this program to calculate your commissions before starting a new distributor. Make copies of the form, slip it in an envelope and send it to each new distributor you recruit. Create comprehensive instruction manual to highlight ways in which distributors can advertise their network marketing businesses.

Marketing your business 

Work with a magazine that is right for your company to advertise in. You can find magazines that cater to your industry, type of business or product. Classified ads are good for unexpected opportunities and cost-effective compared to a pay-per-lead ad.

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Network marketing is one of the most effective business models for optimizing the reach, lead generation, and recruitment of your business. It takes a great deal of trust to enter this type of field, but it can be very rewarding for those who stick with it.

Network marketing is a great way to make extra income. It’s important to note that it’s more than just a business framework and is often the path for distributors who want to join one. Success of any network marketing company is directly related to the extent that it builds a deep organizational structure.

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