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Vilnius-Based Climate Tech Investor Contrarian Ventures Launches €100M Fund

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Vilnius-based Contrarian Ventures, a beginning phase environment innovation financial backer, reported on Wednesday that it has sent off a €100M environment tech asset to settle the subsidizing hole for seed-stage environment originators in Europe.

The Lithuanian organization likewise reported its goal to extend across Europe, with bases in London and Berlin.

Antagonist Ventures prime supporter Rokas Peciulatis says, “We are the environment age. We’ve never known an existence where an Earth-wide temperature boost hasn’t been a ghost, at this point we’re quick to have the information, mastery, and tech to drive genuine change. Be that as it may, we should zero in on the world in 2050, not only 2030. Environment tech will be one of the most worthwhile and significant venture open doors for the following 30 years, yet European business visionaries are still vigorously underfunded and underrepresented at the Seed stage. That is the reason we’re sending off the present asset to close this financing hole for future environment tech organizers and prepare the assets required for environment activity while proceeding to fabricate a firm that turns into the top decision for environment tech business visionaries.”

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The VC expects to turn into a significant player in the environment tech area and is hoping to significantly increase the size of its group by growing its venture group and adding jobs, including statistical surveying and stage the board.

It has additionally made its most memorable recruit in Berlin, with one more arranged in London before the year’s over.

Antagonist Ventures: What you really want to be aware

Established by Rokas Peciulaitis in 2017 and later joined by Tomas Kemtys, Contrarian Ventures takes a cooperative, involved, originators first methodology zeroed in on support the most aggressive environment business people across Europe and Israel.

With its most memorable asset, Contrarian Ventures has put resources into 21 arrangements, including three ways out, and co-contributed with in excess of 100 financial backers – from enormous generalist VCs to more modest, area explicit ones.

“Antagonist’s most memorable asset is at present performing at top decile in 2017 classic with 4 ‘soonicorns’ (secretly held firms with a €100M valuation) in their portfolio as of now,” says a public statement.

The top-level LPs previously putting resources into Contrarian Ventures’ asset incorporate Korys Investments, Molten Ventures, and the Grantham Foundation.

At present, Contrarian Ventures has a container European arrangement of 18 classification winning organizations, from Zoomo (light electric vehicle stage) to H2Pro (commercializing a clever electrolysis innovation).

Mohadeseh Abdullahi, a financial backer at Molten Ventures, says, “With an immediate spotlight on the environment area at the seed stage, combined with its noteworthy group an in a thrilling area, Contrarian partakes in an extraordinary viewpoint available and its chances. It has constructed areas of strength for a here and has fostered a splendid and profound sewed organization of specialized specialists and counsels. We are glad to invite Contrarian to our Fund of Funds program.”

Brieuc de Hults, Investment Director at Korys Investments, says, “We were extremely intrigued by the Contrarian group and what they have accomplished with their most memorable asset as of now. They put resources into extraordinary pioneers and figured out how to foster incredible systems administration open doors, for example, the Energy Tech Summits to situate themselves as pioneers in seed ventures inside the energy progress. The energy progress is at the center of our DNA, and their venture scope lines up with our own. We are excited to see what they will accomplish with their subsequent asset and are extremely satisfied to help them accomplishing their maintainability objectives with a responsibility at their most memorable shutting.”

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