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TotallyAwesome unveils the industry’s largest brand-safe gaming platform TotallyPlay, for brands to engage with Asia-Pacific’s 450mn+ under-18 gamers

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TotallyAwesome, Asia’s most advanced digital advertising network for kids, teens, and families, today announced the launch of TotallyPlay in Singapore and across Asia-Pacific (APAC), empowering brands and advertisers to connect with over 500k+ gamers*  in Singapore, aged under 18. TotallyPlay bridges the gap between greater content utility for brands and the experience of play with gamers through managed and programmatic offerings within specific youth audience segments. 

Studies suggest that every day 175,000 kids come online for the first time and by the age of 13, each one will have 72 million data points associated with them. At a time when there’s never been more scrutiny over online data privacy, internet usage by under-18s now accounts for 40% of daily traffic. As always, where the eyeballs go, the brand safety risk follows – and this has never been more pertinent than within the gaming ecosystem. Safety and accountability of the environment are increasingly becoming paramount for all involved in the gaming community – parents, youths, brands, and the industry.

Informed by a resident practising psychologist, and combining local language human moderators – including teenagers – with AI-based solutions, TotallyPlay’s mission is to provide an unbiased and science-backed approach, with a focus on human interpretation, best-in-class exclusive media partnerships, and brand safety. Whether it’s a hand-selected in-game marketing deployment, rewarded video in a mobile game, pre-rolls on around popular gaming YouTubers, a custom integration within a virtual world, or an in-stream placement during a gaming tournament, the platform enables marketers to meaningfully connect with in an industry where in APAC alone, video game revenues are 96.3bn$, 47% of the global market.

Will Anstee, CEO of TotallyAwesome commented on the launch, “TotallyPlay is about providing the advertising backdrop for positive gameplay to thrive, collaborating with interested brands, and backed by media metrics to prove or disprove each channel’s effectiveness for their campaigns. In short, we’re the only agnostic player in the game, forgive the pun. Beyond creating highly curated age-appropriate, brand-safe environments, we’re fully invested in the mission to support a safer online future for under-18s and are fascinated by the future of gaming and the possibilities for safe and responsible gameplay to flourish. As we know the region’s biggest brands feel the same, our role is to connect them with this multi-hundred billion-dollar industry with meaning and utility at scale, with the best ROI their media dollars can buy. It’s now a no-brainer.”

TotallyPlay’s gaming platform is able to deliver the largest and best-in-class media supply across APAC without the need for third-party online data, giving marketers a platform to navigate industry sea changes such as Google’s plans to disable third-party cookies next year. This supply includes safer advertising formats in-game, whether that’s in the form of an in-game banner and rewarded video formats, exclusive branded character skins, or even an official partnership with a brand or developer. Then, it’s about partnerships and collaborations with creators, influencers and other media around the game. And lastly, thinking beyond the game, it’s the partnerships and curated experiences with partners like official eSports tournaments, athletes, or in forms of brand experiences built in other virtual environments.

In addition, TotallyPlay is compliant with both COPPA and GDPR data privacy guidelines and regulations, with TotallyAwesome being a member of the kidSAFE Seal Program. The company follows the most advanced Government regulations protecting kids’ data and privacy, with its resident practising psychologist advising on what is age-appropriate and consequently helping shape its products and develop bespoke research solutions.

Connecting brands across the youth gaming ecosystem to create a safer playground for all, for more information on TotallyPlay, visit here

About TotallyAwesome and TotallyPlay

TotallyAwesome is Asia-Pacific’s No.1 platform curating the largest supply of media inventory engaging Under-18s safely.  We enable a youth-safe digital ecosystem with more than 500 million monthly active users across APAC. We adhere to and support international governments’ most advanced regulations protecting kids’ and teens’ data privacy. We do this through the deployment of bespoke technology designed specifically to offer youths contextual and customized content through age-appropriate engagement.  We constantly strive to maximize a brand’s utility through relevant and engaging executions, this year launching our award-winning contextual Programmatic Playground solution and TotallyPlay platform which takes the confusion out of marketing to under-18s in the gaming ecosystem through unbiased, science-backed, human-first, and audience-safe and locally nuanced strategies.

Whether it’s a hand-selected in-game marketing deployment, rewarded video in a mobile game, pre-rolls around popular gaming YouTubers, a custom integration within a virtual world, or an in-stream placement during a gaming tournament, TotallyPlay enables marketers to meaningfully connect with an industry where in APAC alone, video game revenues are 96.3bn$, 47% of the global market. TotallyPlay rewrites the playbook around the brand value exchange in the gaming industry and provides greater utility for brands audiences through managed and programmatic offerings.

Additional quotes:

Adrian Watkins, VP of Commercial for TotallyAwesome said, “The biggest challenge for brand
marketers right now is the speed of innovation, much of which has been pioneered by the gaming
industry. Yet with lightning-speed evolution comes brand risk and overall confusion, especially when
targeting Under-18s, where the parent is a major stakeholder in this ecosystem. Savvy brands are
quickly realizing the decline of the traditional brand value exchange and that the ecosystem needs
well-executed personalization delivered at the right place, at the right time. We want to ensure that
brands do not stumble to adjust their marketing strategies in this rapidly changing landscape, and
pave the road for positive and mindful empowerment.”

Gary Fung, Regional Gaming Director for TotallyAwesome also commented “Today, Under-18
youths spend more time playing games when compared to any other form of entertainment, the same
issues around safety and compliance continue to persist. As a company focused on safe
engagement, we now aim to redefine how brands interact with youth and family audiences in this
new playground by helping them to make conscious commercial marketing decisions through

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