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If a project isn’t bringing your organization business, get rid of it.

If you’ve not heard the waves that Marie Kondo has been creating in the past few weeks with her “Does this bring me joy?” catch-phrase, it’s a high chance that you’re disconnected from social media and Netflix for quite some time now.

Decluttering isn’t limited to just your home. I’m feeling super guilty when I think of how much decluttering my house needs. So I’ll focus on how you can declutter your Corporate Partnership Programs, instead.

With January almost over, it’s really time to get things moving along.

1. Streamline your marketing. If a project isn’t bringing your organization business, get rid of it. Identify things that are working and which are not. Discard things that aren’t. Tactics that remain evergreen and effective are still email marketing and sharing case studies.

charity: water

In this example, the NPO charity: water exemplifies three innovative email marketing tactics that we can learn from:

  • Tells the organisation’s story and promotes the brand.
  • Shows donors how their donations are making an impact with a step-by-step guideline.
  • Initiates a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of the email.

charity: water communicates their organisation’s mission—and how the donor helps engage the mission—in a clear and concise way, with simple images and easy-to-follow language. Their short, focused and visual email marketing message is especially useful to followers who engage with their smartphones.

2. Clean up your prospect list. Just like unfriending people on Facebook who stalk you but don’t engage with you, it’s time to clean up your prospect list. Limit your prospect list to companies that are the best fit for your organization. Once you’ve identified these companies, work inside out from strongest to weakest connection.

3. Show me the money. Go for the big guns. The money is in mid-size business-to-consumer private companies that have a chain of stores and heavy foot traffic. Small Business to Business (B2B) companies and single location Business to Consumer (B2C)s are great to work with, but they won’t generate a lot of revenue

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