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This SaaS startup Manages Over $40mn Dollar Ad Spend For Over 250+ Brands And Aims To Work With Another 200+ In The Next 3 Years! – AdYogi

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Millions of products are available online, making shopping more accessible than ever before. This access to different products from different brands results in tough competition for the sellers. With more brands opting for the D2C (Direct to Consumer) marketing model, a good product can get lost in the clamour of sellers and websites. 

There are so many undiscovered, truly phenomenal product ranges that cannot jump into the market. How does a business make its presence felt? How does it become a favoured and recognised brand among peers? It is better not to purchase and build a ‘.com’ domain if a business expects traffic to pick up on its own. All companies allocate a certain percentage of their expenses to marketing initiatives. AdYogi is one such company helping multiple businesses reach target audiences faster, better, and with more precision. 

What’s In A Name?

A name makes or breaks a business. Finding a suitable, catchy name is as essential as having a good business plan. At the same time, researching a name for the venture, the brand intended to keep a name related to their core business, “Ad” vertisements. With ambition as their fuel, Adyogi decided to use “yogi”. They felt this spoke of the Indian factor in the global e-Commerce marketing industry as an identity. 

So, after trying and testing around 50+ combinations to get the .com domain, they decided on using “Adyogi”. Since its inception in 2016, the brand has come a long way in being a solution-driven brand for multiple businesses.

Understanding Adyogi And Its Driving Growth

AdYogi is an Enterprise Marketing SaaS Platform specifically built for Direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands. In simple terms, Adyogi helps brands cater directly to customers and scale up their revenues through various ad automation and optimisation.

Adyogi platform: 

  • It helps you set up, create, and sync your marketing campaigns easily.
  • Further optimises your marketing efforts with AI intelligence.
  • Allows you to take action on trends in real-time with expertise.

Here are some features that make AdYogi the best performance automation tool for e-Commerce brands:

  • Built-in targeting options (e.g., frequent online purchasers) to help brands reach the right target audience in real-time. 
  • Automation features dynamically allocate budgets across platforms based on performance. 
  • Access to detailed insights around where users are dropping off on the website. This helps in increasing conversion rates. 

What Sets Adyogi Apart?

The AdYogi platform currently has over 250 D2C brands that use their platform successfully by connecting directly to the brand website to sync all their products with Ad platforms. With just a few clicks, it allows the brands to create ads of pre-defined categories, e.g., “Top selling products” or the “Most viewed Products”. 

Have you ever clicked on a product link and decided not to make the purchase? There are various steps in the purchase process that a customer can drop off, and the reasons vary. AdYogi offers in-depth funnel analytics to identify where users are dropping off on the e-Commerce website. This helps the e-commerce brand to identify concern areas and counter the gaps in the process if any. The platform builds actionable insights on creatives and audiences with various attribution models to choose from.

Furthermore, Adyogi is like your parents teaching you accounting and budgeting. It automatically allocates budgets across platforms, campaigns, ad sets, and ads to ensure maximum ROAS (Return on ad spend). AdYogi is also the Facebook marketing partner and Google agency partner.

Take A Look At The Market Insights

Talking about Adyogi’s hold on the market, “Currently, we roughly manage around 2-3% of Facebook India’s overall ad spends. Given the scale, we are supported by Facebook’s agency program. This gives us access to Facebook’s latest features, technical support, customer care, etc.” – Anshuk Aggarwal, Co-Founder, Adyogi.

According to research, the digital advertising industry is growing at a 15% CAGR approx. The total global digital ad spending in 2021 accounted for $350Bn, and within this, over approx. $60bn was contributed by eCommerce digital advertising alone. E-Commerce brands will increase their spending on digital advertisement owing to everything going online. AdYogi is set to meet the challenge and help E-Commerce brands scale up their revenue with ads across platforms like Facebook, Google, Youtube, Snapchat, and Amazon.

Here’s What The Business Insights Have To Say…

As a business, AdYogi’s primary audience remains E-Commerce brands looking to scale up their revenues via their D2C websites. Furthermore, they also collaborate with marketing agencies and enable them to grow their clients with AdYogi’s product and technology.

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Ml And AI In The Market

There are several Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications in the marketing industry. Identifying the right product to be shown to a specific customer can help increase customer repeat rates. This is known as personalisation and is done using customer segmentation models. 

AI can also help optimise the media mix models, e.g., understanding and capping spending on various digital, print, and TV media. Detailed insights are derived from helping make this decision by using the right set of aggregated data and AI models. Apparel brands can analyse usage trends and forecast inventory to predict stock-outs better. This can lead to significant cost savings both in avoiding lost sales and maintaining a learner inventory. 

There is a lot of talk about the Customer Data Platform (CDP). CDP is a unified view of the customer, and with the use of the right machine learning algorithms, CDP can help brands discover new customer data patterns. These are just some examples of the most common applications of AI in marketing. Many more will evolve in the coming years as more and more companies become data-driven. 

Competitors And Challenges

For AdYogi, there are no competitors, only collaborators. They intend to work with 200+ agencies in the next 3 years and enable these agencies with their technologies. This will help their collaborators grow their E-Commerce clients, resulting in a robust market. The biggest challenge is to grow CACs on advertising channels due to growing competition among e-commerce brands.

Growth And Revenue Model

Rohin Mittal, Co-Founder of AdYogi shares, “If we talk about our growth, in terms of the ad spend managed, AdYogi currently handles ~$40M ad spend on an annual basis across Facebook, Google and Amazon ads. The y-o-y growth has been 200% both in the ad spends managed and in AdYogi’s revenue.”

Adyogi has a healthy mix of over 350 eCommerce brands globally and across industries like fashion, Jewelry, cosmetics, health & wellness, footwear, electronics, etc. Some of their clients are – The house of Rare, Dr Vaidya’s, Steve Madden, Clarks, W for Woman, Boult, Bally, and Gionee among others. They also work with D2C aggregators like Goat brand labs, Globals bees, Upscalio, and Unabrands. 

They work on a commission-based revenue model and charge a certain percentage of their client’s ad spends that are allocated to AdYogi. This model is further divided into two segments; one for enterprises and the other for start-ups. Their enterprise E-Commerce clients charge a recurring fee for managing the clients’ ad spend. The percentage charged to the client depends on the ad spend range. E.g. for an ad spend of $10,000, AdYogi charges a 12% commission. This information is available on their website for transparency. 

Start-ups are a different segment, and their plan is different. “AdYogi for Start-ups” has no minimum spend criterion, and any D2C founder can start working with the platform with no commitments. 

Impact Of Adyogi On Clients

Brands across different industries can rapidly scale revenues and profit once they start using AdYogi. One success story worth mentioning is a Men Fashion Brand. When it started working with AdYogi, it had 30+ stores and wanted to rapidly scale on-brand websites by breaking the noise and targeting the right people for its premium products. Over 18 months of working together, the brand rose to >100 Cr sales per annum from <10 Cr Sales per annum. AdYogi wishes to replicate the same success story for future collaborations. They’re targeting to make at least 50+ brands as wildly successful as the men’s fashion brand over the next 3 years. 

Growth And Vision For The Company 

With clear visions set in place, AdYogi wants to be the leader in the Marketing Automation space for eCommerce brands globally within the next 3 years. They hunger to work with 5000+ E-Commerce brands within this time. They also would like to position themselves as an operating system for any agency that wants to serve D2C brands and work with 200+ such agencies. 

Within a short time, they want to diversify from Facebook & Google and integrate with new-age platforms like TikTok and Snapchat. They also aim to build a substantial presence in the US, Canada, and UAE markets. They plan to have offices in these markets to bolster and support sales and customer service. Lastly, they intend to be one of the top 50 SaaS companies from India to scale globally.

Founding Team Of AdYogi 

Anshuk Aggarwal is an alumnus of IIT Bombay and ISB, 2012. He founded AdYogi back in 2016 and has since worked with 5000+ eCommerce companies in helping them scale to 7-figure sales over the last 5 years. Before this, he worked with Booz & Company on strategy & operations consulting projects in the Middle East and India. He has also worked with Inductis (part of EXL services) on Marketing & Risk analytics projects for Fortune 500 clients based in North America & Asia.

CA Rohin Mittal is an alumnus of ISB, 2012. He worked with ITC Limited as Assistant Manager of Finance before he kickstarted multiple successful start-ups in the marketing ecosystem. Before AdYogi, he had Co-founded the tech start-up Xplanck – this is a pure mobile-based solution for the digital marketing needs of SMBs. Before this, he Co-founded EOS Edu Ventures, a vocational training platform for enabling entry-level jobs to Indian youth in various sectors like Retail, banking, construction, etc. 

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