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Think Customer-facing Projects, Think Rocketlane” Says Srikrishnan Ganesan, Co-founder & CEO Of Rocketlane

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Onboarding is the phase of business where you make or break trust with your customers. Many companies are unfortunately are doing the latter. Rocketlane is here to change that.

Launched 8 months ago in June 2021, this collaborative customer onboarding platform helps businesses accelerate time-to-value, streamline implementation journeys, and deliver exceptional customer experience. 

The company was already an industry leader in their specific category 6 months after their launch. Since then, their product is seeing an upward trend of 30% growth month on month. 

Let’s look at their company journey and understand where the business wants to head in the future. 

How It All Began 

The three co-founders – Vignesh, Deepak, and Srikrishnan – worked at Freshworks when they onboarded several large mid-market and enterprise customers. At the time, they could first-hand witness the struggle involved when onboarding customers as it was primarily dependent on one or two individuals on the team to ensure the project crossed the finish line. We also realized how bad the experience could be when information is siloed across different tools like email, Slack, project management software, and documents.

As a remedy to this problem, the trio in April 2020 came together to create Rocketlane; ca platform that replaces generic project management, communication, and document collaboration tools with a unique, unified workspace that is purpose-built for repeatable customer-facing projects. This helps improve communication, collaboration, and project visibility for businesses and customers. 

They attempted to bring the right visibility to onboarding projects by unifying all information and experiences in one place. This further helps companies deliver a solid experience to their customers consistently. That’s how Rocketlane was born. 

Meet The Team 

The three co-founders, Vignesh, Deepak, and Srikrishnan, had built a successful in-app messaging platform acquired by Freshworks. They wished to repeat this success and build something bigger next time around. By carefully assembling a solid product and design team, they could magnify their earlier success. Additionally, their earlier success is helping them attract the best talent across functions. They believe Rocketlane is where individuals can truly grow and blossom in their careers. 

The Presence of Rocketlane In The Market Today 

With the creation of Rocketlane, there are two things that the company is aiming to accomplish. Firstly, they are working on emerging as a leader in the $2 billion worth of client onboarding market. Secondly, they aim to help businesses like marketing agencies, professional services teams, and consulting firms that use Rocketlane for customer-facing projects.

To achieve this, they say, “The core audience we’re going after today is onboarding and implementation/delivery teams inside SaaS companies.”

However, according to Rocketlane’s experience, companies lose their intensity once the sale is closed, leading to problems. Along with this, most companies do not possess the means to measure their onboarding and implementation teams as they use spreadsheets. On the whole, this leads to unhappy situations where companies cannot make the customer see the product’s value fast enough.

Even with indirect competitors like Asana, Smartsheet, or, Rocketlane aims to offer 10x better experiences for customer-facing projects. With global customers, their initial focus is to cater to customer onboarding teams at B2B tech companies selling to mid-market and enterprise customers.

How Is Rocketlane Solving The Problem? 

Through their two rounds of funding totalling $21 million, the platform has aimed to help companies save time to onboard new customers. For instance, a bot company using Rocketlane used to take eight weeks to onboard a customer. Knocking two weeks off their time-to-value means, they start billing the customer earlier, which means they pull forward their revenue. This process also adds to the efficiency of teams. Moreover, the team can work with more customers in parallel. 

This simple thinking has helped the platform experience early traction with global customers with a prominent presence like Linksquares, ParcelLab, ReleaseHub, Appcues, ContractPod AI, etc. In addition to this, they have also had high growth B2B companies nationally, including Chargebee, Delhivery,, MoEngage, WebEngage, AccelData, Netcore, MSD, Pando, etc. 

The Path of Success For Rocketlane

“We’re going after more categories of customer-facing projects. We are also evolving Rocketlane to support multi-org projects – like a company working with a partner ecosystem to onboard customers.” 

The trio believes that with their new set of enhancements to the platform, third-party partners and vendors can also hop on to Rocketlane with the right level of visibility and collaborate easily. Furthermore, their vision is to make Customer Project Delivery beautiful and professional. 

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