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Social Media Engagement and Impact on Sales In Hospitality Industry

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Social Media x Hospitality

Hospitality industry is perhaps the most adaptable when it comes to trends and technologies. Having guest service as the cornerstone of the business. It makes the industry a natural in being on the forefront of trends including those of social media and web 3.0.

Social media is the perfect tool for a hospitality business to engage with guests outside of the hotel premises. Being able to form a long-lasting bond with them, creating strong brand equity. The power of social media goes beyond just mere conversations. With the superpower of big data analytics, a powerful tool to not only engage with existing customers and expand the buying cycle but also acquire new customers, by creating a look-alike of our existing customers to say the least. Traditional marketing was rather blind; it depended mostly on the media buying capacity of a business as well as on brand messaging. The latter is true even for social media. However, social media has taught us the power of cool nerdy glasses, focusing on specific target audience does not only acquire new customers, but it also brings in a higher ROI.

Social media has proved to be a brand asset for hospitality business globally and leveraging it has added great value to the brand as well as boosted sales. With an engaged audience on social media, one tactfully written copy about an offer relevant to the season, and you are already selling your rooms or filling up your restaurants. It is also a great place to create social proof with a pool full of loyal customers who will sing your praise and help you acquire more.

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In Brief, What is the Role of Social Media in the Hospitality Business?

  • It is a great way to build a constant channel of communication outside the hotel. From their feedback to reviews to any information that is needed. It is also makes for good social proof.
  • The food culture of social media encourages users to post pictures and reviews about their experiences in restaurants, giving easy insights into how customers are experiencing the offerings and perhaps highlighting small changes one can make to improve that experience.
  • Social Media channels is a great platform to build brand affinity using media (photos and videos) and an interesting channel to keep intact and also control the brand narrative.
  • The marketing tools available on social media boosts sales. Strategic marketing practises may be applied to reach the correct target audience and hence gives a higher return on investment,

Social Media is not an independent channel. It transcends into the digital realm and sends out signals picked up by Search Engines for ranking thereby increasing traffic to your brand website, which in turn improves your top line.

Social media can strategically develop alternative business verticals such as destination weddings using storytelling. Needless to say, in today’s digital era, social media starts with hygiene but is a powerful tool to engage a customer base that will not only help your top line but also your bottom line by lowering cost of customer acquisition, ultimately strengthening your brand equity.

About The Author

Mr. Jayant Singh, is a Managing Partner with Treehouse Hotels and Resorts. He has been working
as Managing Director with Karma Hospitality. Jayant is also the founder and Chief Executive
Officer at Jayant had a remarkable experience with the
companies for so long as he was associated with Asvatth Consultants as Chief Executive.

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