Personal Branding Success: You Need To Start With Personal Image

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When we talk about image, it is really not about donning that five thousand dollar shoes, it goes deeper than that.

There is something that you own which is exclusively yours – your personal image.

Your personal image is the perception that people have about you.  No matter what is said, personal image affects your success in every aspect of life – personally and professionally.

Most probably I am going to be harassed after saying this but I am going to say it anyway; no matter what your background is, your success depends on one way or the other on the impression others have of you.

There is one question that has been asked over and over: Why do I feel the need to present myself in a certain way all the time?

My answer is rather simple – looking good is our birthright; looking and projecting fabulousness is a prerogative!  That is such an exclusive right – so why not?

I am the person who gets paid to advise what colour works for you, which type of fabric rocks on you, what type of silhouette makes you look a million dollar, ways to walk, eat, talk; and it goes beyond physicality.  I also coach individuals on how to present and conduct themselves in the public and private, with verbal and nonverbal communications. I am what you call an Image Branding Consultant.

Why is image an important part of our day-to-day living?

Might be a surprise to many but a good image does play a part in securing many important things in life, be it personal or professional

Men or women, we are typically attracted to anything that ignites our senses; be it through seeing, listening and feeling.  Based on this very logic, it is hard not to imagine good image projection is an imperative factor in our day-to-day living.

When talking about image, there are a couple of components that make up this subject.

When we first meet a person, we often build an impression without even knowing him or her.  We place our judgement based on the way the person dresses, the way he carries himself, the kind of words that got exchanged during the introduction and most importantly his eye contact and posture.  We often make deductions of his educational background, social standing, level of sophistication and morals based on that first encounter.  Fair or not to-be-judged or judge, is a different story altogether.   It is human nature to draw up all these conclusions.

Did you know that within seven short seconds of meeting someone, you will have been sized-up, pigeon-holed and analyzed, based on the image you present yourself on that given day?  So, why not make that seven seconds a good one.

I always believed in putting my best foot and face forward all day, every day; mainly for the fact that I know, I will never get a second chance for a good first impression.

Grooming plays a very important part in building a good image.  Scrub well, smell pleasant, put on presentable, non-tattered clothes, and you are well on your way.

I love a good handshake; firm yet non-intimidating.  A good handshake is one that projects confidence and equality.  Offer your whole hand and non-crushing grip, which lasts for about two to three seconds.  While at that, give a genuine smile at the other person.

Eye contact is yet another non-verbal communication which is imperative in projecting confidence, respect and honesty.  The term eye contact, coined in the 1960s came from the West and have a lot of influence on social behaviour. A good eye contact is one that gives focus on an imaginary triangle; across the eyebrows right down to the centre of the nose.  Never ever stare at the mouth or worse, go southwards to the chest.

Have you ever been in a room full of people, yet your eyes wander to one particular person?  He or she might not be the best-looking person there, however, his or her gait caught you staring.  Work on the posture; walk, stand and sit erect.  A good posture almost immediately brings your confidence level few notches up, not to mention at least a couple of inches taller.

The adage, ‘words can make or break you’ cannot be apt.  Choose your words wisely when speaking.  Never use negative or curt nuances.  Speak positively and try not to complain.  People love being around positive individuals and words is as verbal as it gets.

Making new acquaintances is always exciting.  You never know where it could lead, personally or professionally.  Project a favourable image that makes it hard for people to ignore you.

When we talk about image, it is really not about donning that five thousand dollar shoes, it goes deeper than that.  It all depends on you and you alone. Your image is everything; after all, you will never get another chance for a good first impression.

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