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The late Malaysian artist Nason Ponniah is the founder of NicoleKing Pin Art Creation. He creates art, which is hand done, using German nickel-plated pins. Each pinhead is 0.6 mm in diameter and 2 inches in length.

Nason made history by creating the world’s largest nickel-plated pin art; the Penang Hill nickel plated pin art monument. Visitors can find this masterpiece at the foot of Penang Hill. 

This 20ft-by-8ft monument, made with approximately  2,316,500 pins, illustrates multiple sceneries and attractions in Penang. It has a 3D effect produced by placing the nickel-plated pins at different depressions.

Nason single-handedly completed the art, which took over one year, and it was given as a gift to Penang Hill Corporation (PHC) in 2014.

The monument was launched in June 2015 by former Penang Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng. Unfortunately, Nason passed away due to a heart attack the same morning.

Nason also has many accomplishments as an artist and performer. Many pin art portraits have been created and sold via NicoleKing Pin Art Creation. 

Resurrecting art as NFTs

Nason Ponniah creates portraits of celebrities and political figures using nickel-plated pins. When he died, he left behind 14 pieces of his work, 11 of which will be sold to the public.

Nason Ponniah is seen here with politician Nurul Izzah

His son, Aaron Nason, will be resurrecting his work by minting them on Pentas.IO, a Malaysian NFT marketplace. 

“I’ve tried donating my late father’s work to art galleries and local societies, but they responded saying they didn’t have space or they were not interested. Sadly, they didn’t even want to look at the art themselves. My only wish is for my father’s work to be appreciated and live on forever. Thanks to blockchain technology, I’m able to list his work as NFTs and sell his physical work with NFT certificates to prove ownership.” said Aaron.

NFTs are non-fungible tokens which are digital assets stored on a blockchain. They can be anything from an image to a video, animation, or even a tweet.

The collection

There will be two collections of Nason’s work; the NicoleKing Pin Art Creation and the NicoleKing Pin Art Creation NFT.

Buyers who want to own Nason’s physical pin art can check out the NicoleKing Pin Art Creation collection. Each physical pin art has been cleaned, air-dusted, and reframed with its original frame. The art will come with a Verisart Registered Record certificate and free shipping.

Those who prefer to get a hold of the digital version of his work can check out the NicoleKing Pin Art Creation NFT collection. Holders can choose to display these NFTs on digital frames or monitors.

Photo by Yugantar Sambhangphe from Pexels

Check out the NicoleKing Pin Art Creation Pentas.IO page here for more information. In addition, owners of Nason’s art who wish to sell their collection can reach out to Aaron here.

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