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How To Plan Your Social Media Strategy For Maximum Success In 2023

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Social Media Strategy 2023

What is a social media strategy? The most important thing you need to know about a social media strategy is that it’s not one specific thing. It’s simply the set of activities and decisions you make to own a plan.  

In this article, I will explain how you can build a successful social media strategy for your business. This article is not a definitive guide to everything you need to know about social media, but it’s a great starting point for anyone wanting to learn more.  

I recommend these eight steps to help you develop an effective social media marketing strategy to meet your business goals in 2023. Just remember that every choice you make will affect the other steps. Don’t try to think about it too deeply. Just remember to hold the entire process together- don’t worry if things seem confusing at first! As the saying goes, well begun is half done. 

Let’s begin: 

1. Know where to start (right under your nose) 

Before you start looking outside, it’s crucial to know what is happening right under your nose, that is, on all your social media profiles. Social media can be confusing, especially when deciding what type of content works best and what doesn’t. One way you can see this is by conducting a social media audit, which will be an important start to all your social media success. Here’s how to do it.  

  1. Ensure that you are present in as many digital channels as possible, whether on social media or otherwise. 
  2. It’s important to know what your competitors are doing and stay ahead of the curve if you want to make it big. You need new ideas, strategies, and a lot more before getting started, so it’s best to check out the big competitors and newbies right off the bat.  
  3. Asking whether you need to review your SEO results might have different meanings, and you should carefully think about what will be most helpful to achieve your goals. 

2. Define what your objectives are for your company

Your company’s priorities are a good place to start when figuring out your objectives. Set your organisation’s mission statement and then have an overall marketing plan supporting each statement. According to research, a company’s marketing plan must include [1]:

Image source: MIA research
  1. The mission statement of the organisation.
  2. The vision of the organisation.
  3. The key objectives of the organisation.
  4. Short term goals.
  5. Market research that is frequently validated.
  6. Product branding and positioning.

When setting your objectives, keep these statements in mind. It’s simple – you need a social media strategy to track what is succeeding and what isn’t. Setting quantitative and qualitative goals in your business is crucial. The goal should be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-framed) and include some “big hairy audacious goals” which represent compelling, long-term goals that are intriguing enough to inspire employees of an organisation. This is an excellent way to remember what you need to focus on as you work towards overcoming your challenges.  

3. Know your audience to draft an effective social media strategy

knowing your audience is integral in more ways than one. Knowing your audience’s demographics, interests, motivations, and preferred channels is crucial if you want to create content that resonates with them. You can start by looking at what data you already have and maybe try speaking to your existing customers and doing some research. Create personas with stories by studying your market, demographics, and online research and make a list of their interests, behaviours and philosophies. 

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4. Make a wise choice when selecting the right social media channel

Social media strategy
MIA research: Most trusted social media channels

Make sure you pick the best channels for your business. Most people jump onto social media channels just because everyone else is doing it, leading to ineffective and inefficient marketing strategies. Consider which channels will suit your business best and whom you’re trying to reach. As well as think about the goal of each channel. What kind of content will be perfect for your company, and what can you create? Finally, consider what type of content works best in each channel. While we are on the subject, let’s discuss the content next.

5. Create exceptional content  

Content must be exceptional to stand out among the noise and compete with other businesses. You need to bring your customer value while meeting their needs. Curating educational content can be an excellent way to create value for your users. It’s also essential that your content doesn’t mix form with function, meaning it has a form that does not distract from its purpose. Further, you should also understand the three content categories creation, curation and co-creation and decide what suits your audience.

Blogging is the most popular form of content, with 79% of participants agreeing to use blogs and articles to reach their target audience. Therefore, focus on the content formats as well. Will the content you provide entertain your audience, or will it educate them? The purpose must be crystal clear in your head. And finally, I cannot emphasise this more. It must be valuable to them. 

6. Be social when on social media

Social media strategy
MIA research: How brand’s promptness in addressing customer queries impact the purchase decision of different generations

Social media is excellent for engaging with customers, potential customers, and potential leads on a level you never thought possible. Customer engagement levels can be increased to some extent during such interactions. Find people who want to work with you, potential influencers, brands etc. Ask them questions and get involved in conversations. Surprise them more often. The more you engage with your audience online, the more the chances of success.

7. Implement that strategy, for it’s the only way for it to work 

All the strategies in the world won’t get you results unless it’s being implemented. While strategies being developed into an implementation plan will ensure work is completed correctly and deadlines are met, there’s still more you need to do when implementing a strategy, including researching potential alternative options. Once you’ve started creating valuable and relevant content, building your paid advertising strategy will amplify your marketing efforts. It’s important to work out ahead of time, and you’ll surely get a more significant investment return. 

8. Analyse, learn, improve and repeat  

Social media marketing is a crucial component of many businesses. It helps you build a strong following, measure the results and constantly adjust your strategy for sustainable growth. One aspect that makes social media marketing so compelling is how well it provides data to measure and test your campaigns’ effectiveness and constantly improve them. Find and analyse the metrics that matter. That includes not just the vanity metrics but diving deeper and gauging what people think, their emotions, the nature of traffic, and more.  

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So, here it is tips for you to ace your social media game. Let’s give it a final recall. To have a kick-ass social media strategy: start right under your nose by defining what your objectives are for your company, know your target audience, make a wise choice when selecting the right channel, deliver exceptional content and be social. Finally, implement and analyse, and you are all set to roll. 


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