What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Singapore

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Singapore has 1% of the world’s top rich people. Besides the stocks, investment properties, and huge inheritances, the best-paying jobs in Singapore are the reason for this. So, let us see the list of highest-paying jobs in Singapore in the next section.

Top-paying jobs in Singapore

The Ministry of Manpower released the latest document in 2018 showing all the highest-paying jobs in Singapore. This will help you decide your career path in a better way to land up doing any of the best jobs in Singapore. The salaries mentioned for each of the jobs below are at the highest end of the range, often reached after some years of work experience. Here is the list:

1. Sales Head:

Monthly salary range: SG$ 15,000 – SG$ 20,000

This job needs leading the sales department in different industries. It needs skills that can help the candidate strategically manage the sales team to meet the target. The rise in digitization has resulted in the digital transformation of this position. But a human touch still has a major role.

2. Supply Chain Operations Director:

Monthly salary range: SG$ 10,000 – SG$ 22,500

This job is suitable for candidates who can embrace digital automation, act as a revenue driver, adhere to strict schedules, quicker fulfilment, enhanced efficiency, and profit. So it involves various processes of different complexities which are combined needed for completing a task.

3. General Manager/Chief Operating Officer:

Monthly salary range: SG$ 7,520 – SG$ 18,000

This is one of the highest paying jobs in Singapore meant for candidates having leadership and mentorship skills and a better understanding of the goals and visions of the company that are suitable for these roles. A GM or COO is a CEO’s most trusted person who looks into the practical aspects of a situation related to operations, strategy, policies, and administrative processes. They have a potential chance of becoming the company’s CEO in the long run.

4. Real Estate Agent:

Monthly salary range: SG$ 10,000 to SG$ 15,000

This job involves renting or selling properties that pay good commissions. A candidate needs to have persuasive skills to be successful in the job. It requires advising clients regarding the market conditions, facilitating walkthroughs, and assisting clients in making property-related transactions.

5. Senior Architect:

Monthly salary range: SG$ 6,000 to SG$ 10,000

Candidates with good creativity are suitable for this role. Experience in the construction industry to design buildings and the related spaces around is an added advantage. Apart from this, they will also have to deal with the restoration of old buildings and innovative ways of using them. Advising clients, presenting design proposals, coordinating the work of contractors, and making site visits are the main responsibilities.

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6. Marine Superintendant Engineer:

Monthly salary: Up to SG$ 10,464

A candidate who graduated from the Marine Engineering course can begin as a shipboard junior engineer. It takes 4-5 years to become Marine Superintendent Engineer. The responsibilities of the job involve safely operating the vessels, economically to comply with the statutory regulators.

7. Financial Risk Analyst:

Monthly salary: SG$ 9,050

The primary responsibility in this job role is to ensure that the business sticks to the regulatory compliance rules. They monitor internal and external emerging risk factors in various business segments.

8. Chief Technology Officer:

Monthly salary: SG$ 12,000

Candidates good with computers and software are a perfect match for this job. The main responsibilities involve leading a technology department and creating technologies that can help a business flourish.

9. Dealer or Broker of Foreign Exchange:

Monthly salary range: SG$ 10,353 to SG$ 21,200

This is one of the highest-paying jobs in Singapore that involves money talks. A person needs to have a degree in finance, marketing, or business and knowledge of sales to get into this role. This is one of the most wanted jobs in Singapore in which brokers or dealers purchase and sell foreign currency from one party to another with a profit-making motive. These dealers get a commission when there is a difference between the purchasing price and selling price, referred to as “spread.”

10. In-house Lawyer:

Monthly salary range: SG$ 9,572 to SG$ 20,417 (not meant for the legal counsel jobs in statutory boards, judiciary, and ministries)

This is one of the most paid jobs suitable for the candidates who have studied in law school. Companies or businesses hire them to seek advice on various strategic dealings to ensure low legal risk. Thus the eligible candidates do not need to join any law firm to represent different clients.

11. Portfolio/Fund Manager:

Monthly salary range: SG$ 7,800 to SG$ 18,750

It is the most wanted job in Singapore by the candidates with a Master’s degree in Economics, Finance / Accounting, or Business. Portfolio managers operate with the research analysts for making decisions related to investment. They use the current financial market for the individuals or corporations for doing this. Similarly, the Fund Managers assist companies or individuals in managing their assets, ensuring their utilization cost-efficiently. They do this based on the market conditions to take calculated risks. Partners Group, Lyra Capital, and Morgan McKinley are companies where suitable candidates can get into these job roles, which are among the highest paying jobs in Singapore.

12. Treasury Manager:

Monthly salary range: SG$ 6,319 to SG$ 15,600

Renowned companies like Paypal, Robert Walters, and Carousell are examples where people get employed in this role and come under the highest paying jobs in Singapore. This job needs daily monitoring of the company’s finances, doing risk analysis, allocating budget, fund forecasting, and making financial investments for profitability.

13. Financial or Insurance Services Manager:

Monthly salary range: SG$ 7,635 to SG$ 17,000

Candidates who are good with numbers can get into this interesting job role and are among the highest paying jobs in Singapore. The financial service manager role involves financial reports analysis and creating risk reports besides developing financial and investment goals for companies or individual clients. Similarly, the Insurance services Manager is responsible for meeting the sales target by ensuring that all the insurance policies are sold. This needs involvement in investing in the clients’ claims and approving them.

14. Securities and Finance Dealer/Broker

Monthly salary range: SG$ 3,990 to SG$ 17,500

Candidates who have studied Business, Finance, Economics, or Accounting are suitable for these roles in Singapore’s highest-paying jobs. A dealer operates individually under his name to make profits, but a broker works on behalf of other individuals or firms. They deal with the transactions in the securities market, which involves purchasing and selling the financial assets based on supply and demand in the market.

15. MD or CEO:

Monthly salary range: SG$ 5,500 to SG$ 17,500

Those having an entrepreneurial mindset and have experience in starting their venture to succeed are suited for this position. MD or CEO is the highest executive position in a company who makes all the final decisions related to the company’s culture, strategy, and direction. It needs a lot of experience to reach this position which comes under the highest paying jobs in Singapore.

16. Trade Broker and Shipbroker:

Monthly salary range: SG$ 6,650 to SG$ 18,000

Trade brokers get a commission by facilitating the buying and selling between two parties which may be individual investors or firms. ShipAsname indicates, Shipbroker acts between the owners of ships and charterers of sea cargo transport to facilitate purchasing and selling of maritime vessels.

17. University Lecturer:

Monthly salary range: SG$ 9,064 to SG$ 16,016

Candidates having a Master’s degree in a subject they want to teach, and relevant work experience. They need to have confidence for delivering lectures as well as patience to clarify the doubts of students. NTU, NUS, and SMU are some best options to consider applying for this role to get into the highest paying jobs in Singapore.

18. Head of IT

Monthly salary range: SG$ 15,000 – SG$ 20,000

This job is suitable for candidates who have sound technical knowledge with skills like budget control, business analysis, vendor management, and strategic thinking. It requires candidates to oversee the infrastructure related to technical operations. They also have to make policies and meet the government requirements regarding business technology, such as those associated with risk and cybersecurity.


Getting into the highest paying jobs in Singapore is not an easy thing. A person has to toil hard, get the relevant degree and experience in the corresponding industry to get one of those jobs that give them the highest salary in Singapore. The process may not be quick, but with consistent efforts, it can be attained. Sometimes on fulfilling the dream of getting the highest paying jobs in Singapore, people have to sacrifice their work-life balance because of workload, so you need to keep it in mind and be prepared for coping with the responsibilities that come with the job role.

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