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Oliveboard has 10 million users preparing for their careers through the app’s support, including 50 government exams, soon to be 100!

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Founded by Abhishek Patil in 2012, Oliveboard is an online learning platform that offers courses in two dozen cities across India. Students choose Oliveboard for its ability to adapt to the requirements of students living in smaller towns who are unable to access training and education facilities found in more well-known and populated areas.

Founded in 2012 by Abhishek, an MBA from the ‘University of Notre Dame Oliveboard prepared students for success using up-to-date class material, virtual lectures, and practice tests. Students can connect with other students through live group sessions and monitor their progress through the Oliveboard mobile app.

What Makes Oliveboard Unique

Oliveboard has introduced a Freemium revenue model, wherein students can evaluate the course by taking all-India free tests and viewing some of the content before committing. 

But the amount of learning and resources one can access online is infinite and at 1/10th the cost.

Oliveboard addresses this need by providing up-to-date mock exams on its platform and hosting All-India test series to give students a real-time experience and understanding at the most affordable rates.

At Oliveboard, we prepare students for success using up to date comprehensive course material, practise tests and multiple other learning tools. Students are further aided with Analytics for instant feedback and customised study plans designed basis their test assessments,” says Abhishek. 

  • They are the only company on the planet that is dedicated to coaching students and job seekers across India and beyond.
  • They are committed to ensuring that their students and customers get the best possible value for their money when they choose to use Oliveboard.
  • They have a brilliant, experienced, and passionate team of more than 200 people dedicated to helping students get their dream job or get into a great university.
  • They will help students stand out from the crowd by helping them nail the interview.

The Dream Team At Oliveboard

The idea of Oliveboard started when Abhishek was the Head of Strategy Analytics at InMobi. Abhishek has an MBA from the ‘University of Notre Dame’ and has played integral roles across various spheres like hospitality, manufacturing, gold trading, and movie making. At Oliveboard, he handles strategy, supply-side management, marketing, among other business roles.

Next up is Satish, the CTO and Founder at Oliveboard. He has a strong background in mobile space, having worked previously at Veveo and InMobi. He currently leads the Technology and Operation efforts at Oliveboard. A data freak, Satish’s decisions are firmly data-driven. His job’s most exciting aspect of teaching math and developing tech platforms. When he is not coding, he’s usually analysing large amounts of NFL and football data.

“I enjoy working in fast-paced teams.”, says Satish. 

Funding and Monetisation

Oliveboard recently added 23 crores to their name. Ian Fund led the round of funding, and they raised a paltry INR 23 crores from Education Catalyst Fund (ECF). They can now add state-level categories, and invest in technology for interactive data-driven products, leading to customised learning for individuals. This is precisely what the investment will do to expand their national-level courses and exams.

According to the press release, “The funds will be used to build pedagogy content at both national as well as state-level categories, develop apps that can be used on both desktop/laptop computers, as well as mobile devices.” 

Vision and Growth

Oliveboard is already present in over twenty states all across the country to kick start students’ careers. Without any physical distribution and with everything taking place digitally, Oliveboard courses can be accessed from any location. People from all corners of the country can enrol and gain skills to compete in the job market.

“We will continue to focus on the graduate level test preparation segment in the near future before expanding to other segments,” says the CEO.

  • Developed by educators and content experts: Oliveboard is built by educators and content experts who have been training students for years.
  • Tailored for all competitive exams: Oliveboard covered all aspects of the competitive exams, from bank PO exams to SSC CGL exams.
  • Content on demand: They have a library of more than 25,000 video lectures and more than 1 lakh questions for students to choose from.
  • Relevant, realistic, and easy to understand: Their content is designed as per the latest pattern of all the competitive exams.
  • Adaptive learning: Oliverboard’s content is designed to be adaptive and help users unlearn wrong concepts, learn the practice, and master exam-relevant concepts.

The owner of Oliveboard says, “Our app has around 10 million users by now with 2500+ cities and towns across the country. The app supports around 50 government exams. In the coming years, Oliveboard will add 100+ exams to its current list of offerings.”

This app began as a humble side project by Abhishek in 2012 and has since evolved into the go-to app for preparing for competitive exams in India. Oliveboard has over 10 million downloads from 29 states and the 7 Union territories of India and is being used to solve over 50 million questions now. The convenience of accessing the answer to any day-to-day problem on the go without having to ask someone around or find a library or bookstore, saving users both time and money — has helped drive Oliveboard’s massive subscriber base.

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