Cherishing Mother

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This year Mother’s day is exceptionally different for me. My girl was pretty excited as she started planning to celebrate Mother’s day with me. Five days before Mother’s day, she started browsing and wrote on a piece of paper what she planned to do. She booked her dad for daddy’s and daughter’s day out to buy stuff for us. She got me to prepare three boxes, as she wanted to hide the presents that she plan to buy. In her mind, her mother is not just me alone, her planned celebration includes her “moms” that are nearer to us that is her G’ma (godmother), her EeEe (aunty), and myself. 

For the first time, I get to celebrate mother’s day officially *lol*. Oh no, wait a minute, it’s more like the first time someone officially plans a Mother’s celebration for me. 

In my family, Mother’s day is not solely celebrated for our mothers alone. We celebrate and wish each mother in the family and that includes the mothers, the sisters, the nieces, and even the cousins. I can still remember many years ago, my nephew has his first paycheck and he took his mom and me to celebrate mother’s day, so celebrating mother’s day is not solely for the official mother. 

Anyway, I grew up with four official mothers known as my moms…

  • the mom that carried me the nine months
  • the mom that brought me up since I was six months old
  • the mom that I call god-ma
  • the mom that bore and brought up my husband

Those are the moms that I addressed as mothers. Unfortunately, they are not with us today but we know they love us unconditionally and vice versa. We miss them each day and never forget them throughout our entire lives. But do we realize that we do have other mothers who we don’t address as moms or mothers? They can be our grand-mother, sisters, sisters-in-law, cousins, and many other female friends. That reminds me that there are two friends without fail and strangely I called one “ah ma and another unofficially known to be her god-daughter. For decades, they have directly and indirectly influenced my life too.

So, what exactly is Mother?

The extract from Wikipedia explained it as a female parent of a child. They are the women that inhabit some relation to their children, and they may and may not be their biological offspring.

Therefore, they could be the one

  • that we officially recognize as our parents
  • that is normally known as the female parent of the child
  • that provides unconditional love to the children
  • that holds the role of bearing the child and who is known to be the biological mum
  • that is also known to some as stepmother
  • that is also known to some as an adoptive mother
  • that is also known to some as god-mom
  • that is the equivalent of a father to some
  • that is the one that brings up children with true care and affection
  • that is the one that plays multiple roles in bringing up children
  • that is the one that plays a prominent role in children’s development
  • that is the one that provides social-emotional, and physical support to the one’s development
  • that fulfils the role socially in raising the child
  • that act as a mother in nourishing and protecting the child
  • that give maternal love and tenderness to the child
  • that act as a protector, guardian, and a disciplinarian
  • that act as a friend and mentor in need
  • that show loves unconditionally not only with hugs and kisses
  • that can be an educator, a playmate, and a comforter
  • that can be the caregiver, the cook, the transporter, even the babysitter, or the housekeeper
  • that provides a safe and secure environment
  • that teaches the child the important rules and roles in life
  • that provides empathetic learning and how to be responsible for one’s action
  • that provides good opinions and values in our upbringing and a day to day relationship
  • that act as a guardian, a mentor, a coach in guiding the one’s direction in achieving their goals
  • that teaches one throughout their lives not only at home, at school, and at work
  • that helps us overcome any obstacles in life
  • that nags us for our own good
  • and the one holds no barrier to our weaknesses and faults

the list goes on…

So, what is Mother’s Day to me?

To me and I am sure many will agree while we celebrate our beloved Mother’s day we don’t forget the other mothers too. They can be anyone, that surrounded us without us realizing it. They are the ones that stay with you through thick and thin, good times and bad times. 

So, this year on Mother’s day, together with my daughter and husband, I want to especially observe and wish everyone the so-called “moms” that we cherished forever;

  • To our God who loves us like a mom
  • To our grandmothers, mothers, godmothers, and mothers-in-law who provided us since young with unending love, even as they are in a better place.
  • To my sister, all my sisters-in-law, cousins, and oh yes, my daughter’s cousins’ sisters who act as and never miss in providing the motherly care, they are the nourisher, they are the caregiver, they are the guardians, they are the comforter, the educator, the one that provides moral support and never fails and taught us the direction and walks of life
  • To my husband, and all my brothers, who at times act as mothers who direct, discipline, and provide us a secure and safe environment
  • To all my decades’ friends from childhood friendships, the young and old, the hang-out buddies, the “yum-cha” mates, the holidays mates who are there to provide emotional support and motherly friendship
  • To the teachers, educators, bosses, colleagues, and even associate partners who coach and direct us to find our real values.

So, three cheers to all these mothers, the one that stays with you throughout the journey of your lives in providing emotional support regardless they are your official or unofficial moms. 

Here’s to everyone again, honouring all mothers, a blessed Happy Mother’s Day!

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