Cash In Transit Couriers

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Many security companies in regional Australia are small operations. They are either single man companies, where one person owns the business, and they are the security person either installing cameras or transporting banking. Or they are two-man teams, and generally, there, the husband is the security guard, with the wife being the one responsible for the invoicing, paperwork, and correspondence.

During Covid, many of these smaller types of regional companies folded. We weren’t terribly surprised. Despite being usually extremely customer-oriented, flexible, and accommodating, with Covid, and many country stores closing, there was no one to collect banking for.

The surprise for us was that many of the larger metro companies were in trouble as well. Sure, we had a downturn of business, and mostly kept afloat servicing essential businesses. Titanium Security going into administration was perhaps the largest firm to have issues and the largest shock to everyone in security. 

So many companies we worked with let us know that they reduced their services to three days a week, putting less and less couriers on the road. Now that vaccinations are required in some states to be able to cross LGA boundaries, it has become increasingly difficult to cover all the banking collections on those three days per week.

Add to the fiasco the fact that some metro banks are closing at 1 or 2 pm, and less couriers on the road, fewer days per week, trying to collect all banking and deposit by 1 pm weekdays, is leading to many issues.

Regionally, there are newer companies that have found now restrictions are easing, and shops are opening, as there is no one left to collect banking, they are setting up shop and taking over the area.

Metropolitan areas are still in trouble. These are going to be the places where vaccinations will be required. As there are waiting lists in some areas to get vaccines, and there will be some couriers reluctant to have those immunisations, it will become harder to find couriers to carry out the work.

Admin and support staff are completely overworked and struggling with a burnout on an ongoing basis. Companies with perhaps only one or two people currently working in the office, now have no one. They are taking leave to cope with the stress and leaving emails unanswered, and phone numbers diverted.

When Covid began, no one thought it would still be an issue for our industry in late 2021. No one. We planned, and rearranged, and learned to cope for the longest time. But there seems to be a tipping point coming.

There has to be a point where companies can have all couriers return to work. But so many have taken such a hit, they might not be able to hire people back to their former scheduling. Couriers will not want to return to part-time work if they can try to get a full-time position somewhere else. 

Our biggest takeaways from 2020 and 2021?

  • Cash never went anywhere
  • Couriers are people too

Let your service providers know when you want to return… they need to plan ahead!

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