Rubban Kunasakaran

50% Branding strategist, 50% Creative designer - 100% Linkedin brand content specialist. Your brand and your clients' are my top priority. Therefore, my mission is to deliver your brand message to your potential clients using "top-notch quality content" on Linkedin and provide marketing consultation to boost your brand awareness. I come to the table with 7 years of marketing experience where now I'm a freelance branding strategist for local and international companies. MY WORK IS MY PROOF - Check My Featured Section and My Uploaded Posts on LinkedIn (pay attention to the engagements). I wear many hats, but my most highly requested offerings include: 1. Short-form content (social media carousel posts and Ad designs). 2. Branding strategy (including the development of materials). 3. Consultation on Ad designs and marketing strategies. 4. Training on digital marketing (Linkedin) and branding topics. DM me if you want to grow your business and boost your brand on Linkedin.
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