5 Thoughts To Consider When Things Don

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Who can relate to this?

When we thought we had everything figured out, life happens and proves us otherwise.

I know. Experienced that myself several times in my personal journey.

Being a planner myself who’s known to be very keen on details, admittedly, it was difficult for me to adjust accordingly at first whenever life throws a curveball.

Let’s face it: it’s not easy to be calm and optimistic when you thought that everything was falling into place and then suddenly, everything falls apart. And at times, in a manner beyond crazy.

But hey, I realized that I was feeling overwhelmed because I focused too much on what went wrong rather than see the entire situation from a different angle. Yep, there’s something good about these seemingly bad happenings.

So when I tried remembering these 5 thoughts to consider when things don’t go as planned, my whole life changed as I began to embrace the uncertainties and bumps along the way more graciously upon realizing their value. 

If you’re going through tough times and having drastic changes in plans, then remember this list:


  • You learned an important lesson


I always say, good or bad, your experience teaches you an important life lesson. Take it as a sign to reflect: what do I need to learn now and what lesson can I apply the next time around? By taking that notion to heart, you get to see each and every experience as something crucial to your growth.


  • The process humbles you


Not everything is under your control. And knowing that can be such a humbling experience, especially when you learn to accept things as they are and surrender to the process. By doing so, you teach yourself not to stress over things that are beyond your control and you allow yourself to start from scratch without resistance.


  • You get to improve yourself


Being given a new opportunity to start all over again and do (and become) better in the process is one very empowering experience. Ask yourself: which aspect of my life needs work so that I can get the results I want? How can I improve myself and my output? Embracing your current space after a failed attempt or unforeseen detours is the first step in allowing yourself to grow amidst challenging times.


  • You become more grateful


If you want to feel good after experiencing failure or an abrupt change of plans, just look beyond the situation and focus on what went right. Allow yourself to count your blessings and recognize small wins along the way. Remember, a painful start allows you to enjoy a most rewarding win eventually because now you already know its value based on how difficult it is to achieve.


  • You get to validate your decisions


Experiencing abrupt changes in plans and detours allow you to reflect on your decisions as you re-assess your priorities and source of genuine joy and inspiration. If you were half-hearted in your initial journey, then these unforeseen situations serve as beautiful springboards towards the change you want and need in your life. Reflect accordingly and know that nothing happens as mere coincidences. It’s testing your intentions and leading you to where you’re meant to be. 

So whatever you’re going through right now, I hope this puts a smile on your face. 

Hang on. You’re on your way to becoming your own #bestmeever. 

Enjoy your journey.


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