5 Reasons Why NFTs Are Viable Long Term Assets

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In the world of Blockchain, umpteen crypto-related currencies walk through the mainstream to generate revenue for the investor. Non-fungible tokens are digital assets that are taking the blockchain industry by storm with their exceptional ownership traits. The NFTs market is getting stronger and expandable which is way beyond our imagination. 

It goes without saying why NFTs are quite popular and long term assets. It is a digital form of asset for those who are associated with the finance industry or stock market. For instance, NFTs can be authenticated, and the owner can sell it as a digital token to the other person. The seller has the privilege to sell its ownership using their crypto wallet. 

Understanding NFTs

NFTs are a massively growing industry that holds greater value in the market. To be exact, these non-fungible tokens do not operate or work the way cryptocurrency does. For instance, if a seller has physical money, cryptocurrencies are fungible, meaning that they can be traded or exchanged, one for another. 

For example, one bitcoin is always equal in value to another bitcoin. Similarly, a single unit of ether is always equal to another unit. This fungibility characteristic makes cryptocurrencies suitable as a secure medium of transaction in the digital economy. On any blockchain, the fungible nature of cryptos makes it relatively unconfined to become part of any said transactions. On the contrary, NFT cryptos are slightly different in nature. Every NFT carries a digitally signed document that is completely unique, hence making the NFTs trading relatively impossible. 

NFTs prevalence in the market

NFTs are hard to comprehend in 2022 and beyond, especially for those who have never heard about this term.  Let’s give a quick sneak peek about NFT.

  • In the year 2021, NFT was the highly browsed word on Google
  • In the single year 2021, the NFT market was marked worth 41 billion US dollars
  • Presently, big brands, business tycoons and conglomerates are investing greatly in these Non-fungible tokens

In the year 2020, as per the report by NonFungible, they had estimated that the market capitalization of the NFT management reached a valuation of over 315 million US dollars. Despite operating on a smaller scale market, the future of NFTs is still evolving in 2022. 

What’s all you need to know about NFTs in terms of their long term viability as an asset?

Most of us usually think of non-fungible tokens as a basic underlying part of the blockchain process that might deal only with performing cryptocurrencies transactions. But, that’s not the reality.  NFTs majorly are best known for their distinctiveness in carrying out the process delicately without indulging the involvement of third-party. It comes with exclusive ownership rights that are typically held between the seller and the buyer. 

  • No way of replica 

Indeed, NFTs are exceptionally created and designed cryptographic tokens that solely have existence on a blockchain. It is an extremely tough job to replicate these tokens due to their secured tokenized signatures by the seller.

  • Multiple usages across industries

NFTs have the potential to get its usage for multiple purposes. In a nutshell, an NFT is not just a financial instrument, but it is a digital asset that the owner can keep for personal use. Indeed, one can sell it later for earning from a profit viewpoint anytime they want. 

  • Reduce chances of Fraudulence

By “tokenizing”, these tangible assets make the process of selling efficiently seamless by trading them directly to the buyer. Hence, the probability of fraud or scam reduces to a great extent, keeping the fraudulent or middle-men out of the deal. 

  • Medium of sole identity

NFTs functionality represents individuals’ identities as well. Additionally, the property rights of these tokens are the most attractive thing that keeps its trading always on the go. It is closely comprehended that there has been a wide range of scope to keep the hold in hand. Thus, it proves why people often invest more in these Non-fungible tokens rather than other cryptocurrencies. 

  • Easily accessible ownership rights

With NFTs, taking and transferring ownership is hassle-free and quite simpler to manage. Fortunately, thanks to the seamless process of blockchain. Since thoughtfully crafted NFTs are part of the blockchain, they remove mediators and accredit original creators. 

The data of the NFTs makes it stress-free to authenticate ownership and cross-check the entire past records regarding its buying and selling journey. 

NFTs’ initial creator has the permission to capture any precise information related to the data. For instance, artists can sign the NFTs under solely their own name as the creator of the artwork. They are completely free to include their signature. 


Since the time pandemic happened globally, clearly the lockdown restrictions took place and social distancing was much needed. Therefore, the market analysts/forecasters closely understood the gravity of the situation. As a result, people significantly started spending more time surfing the internet and this was one of the reasons why online trading took a massive drift in just less than two years.  

However, the future of NFTs as investments is incredibly uncertain. Even though the possibilities of NFTs may seem timeless, just like every new investment in the assets, it looks promising to stay for long. 

Source: 5 Reasons Why NFTs Are Viable Long Term Assets

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