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3 Affordable Investments in Growing Companies that Will Peak Your interest!

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When the world was in lockdown and airlines were not flying, the startup scene in Malaysia continued to innovate. Even though the physical movement was restricted, that did not stop these three companies from growing and grinding.

1. EPiC Meals

EPiC is an internet restaurant company that uses data and technology to solve a new normal problem – deadweight loss in the online food delivery industry, particularly inefficient pricing in prepared, delivered meals. EPiC Kitchen, which features EPiC OS and a chef-less operating model, enables them to help consumers save money, save time and enjoy good food safely.

Over the pandemic, they have recorded strong top-line growth despite Covid-19 and continue to record robust sales growth amidst the reopening of the economy.

What is an Internet restaurant?

An internet restaurant is an innovative restaurant model where a fast-moving operator uses cloud kitchens to offer every kind of cuisine imaginable under one roof.


The concept of an internet restaurant is a fairly new model in Southeast Asia but it isn’t a complete stranger. This concept has been around for as early as the early 2010s.

Rebel Food, an internet restaurant from India is now valued at $1.42 billion.

EPiC meal is currently raising on pitchIN at a valuation of RM33 Million and is offering 13.16% of its equity. Consider investing now.

2. GK Aqua Sdn Bhd

GK Aqua is a locally grown startup leading in the biotechnology field for improving prawn farming efficiency. They tap into nature’s abilities and combine them with cutting-edge biotechnology to create all-male prawn farming (neo-females). That means they ensure higher yields, superior quality, and easier management of freshwater prawns with sustainable farming methods.

This graph shows the exponential growth of production of giant freshwater prawns to meet the increasing global demand.

Not only is there an increasing global demand for the supply of freshwater prawns but local farmers that rear fish are also looking for alternatives to maximize the output of their farms due to the low-profit margins for fish rearing. They have turned to modern alternatives such as aquaponics by integrating vegetable farming into their systems to enable side income for their farms.

Traditional farming practices are inefficient and not competitive and GK Aqua has produced the technology to create an All-Male Breeding Prawn (in other words, “neo-female”). 

What does this mean? Yes, you thought right; they have managed to use biotechnology intervention to modify the prawns to enable the male prawns to bear eggs and create spawn that is all male. The fantastic results with their genetically improved prawns produce includes:

  • 3 x larger in size prawns, roughly around 200 grams per prawn
  • Disease-resistant prawns.
  • 200% higher market value for male prawns
  • Harvesting becomes more manageable without separating female prawns and ensures uniformity in size and actual growth rates.

They are looking to raise a minimum of 2 Million at a 4.26% dilution and a maximum of RM8 Million for a 15.09% dilution with a pre-money valuation of RM45 Million. Take this opportunity today and be part of this exciting journey to be part of sustainable farming.

3. HeyJom

HeyJom was established in 2016, initially as an online registration platform, but has soon evolved to be an ecosystem that connects Fitness Enthusiasts, Event Organisers and Brand Owners. HeyJom is a Malaysia-based platform that’s revolutionizing the way we exercise. HeyJom delivers sports and fitness events, products and services via a mobile app. It is a complete ecosystem where users can 

  • Register and join events
  • Earn NFT medals for selected events
  • Buy, trade and sell event tickets, products and services
  • Track participation and progress
  • Earn rewards

The world in lockdown did not stop HeyJom from gaining traction. 

Interesting fact, the HeyJom team were the first folks to organize a virtual run in Malaysia and this virtual run was held before the pandemic! They are made up of a team with many years of experience in fitness and event planning who understand the needs and demands of fitness enthusiasts.

HeyJom seeks to raise up to RM2,000,000 offering equity of 17.39%. Consider embracing this fitness lifestyle by signing up as a user or investing in their growth!

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