Content Writing vs Copywriting: One Is More Than The Other

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The copywriting vs content writing argument is as old as time itself. While copywriting is a part of content writing, you need to know that both writing forms aren’t the same. Copywriters may whip up good content now and then, but not every content writer can write a good copy due to the nuances associated with selling through writing.

When you come across ads like ‘We need an SEO copywriter,’ do you often wonder why they did not just ask for a content writer? If you do, you are not alone. 

The copywriting vs content writing argument is as old as time itself. While copywriting is a part of content writing, you need to know that both writing forms aren’t the same. Copywriters may whip up good content now and then, but not every content writer can write a good copy due to the nuances associated with selling through writing.

It is also crucial to know the difference between targeted copies and general content in corporate writing, especially while applying for jobs. The same goes for recruiters. Employers must differentiate between both types of writers to ease their hiring process and find the best fit for the company.

Basically, the major differences between content writing and SEO copywriting are evident in their purpose and writing styles. To make these discrepancies easier for you to understand, we will discuss both aspects of writing separately:

What is content writing? 

Content writing is all about crafting engaging pieces for a website. This writing style involves blog writing, website scripting, and article writing. In fact, the article you are currently reading is an excellent example of content writing. The posts you read when you need help with getting something done, ‘how to’ articles, and DIY posts are other examples of content writing.

Alternatively, content writing can provide information concerning a brand’s service or product. The intention is to draw the reader into the brand and show them what it has to offer. For example, articles on the benefits of coconut oil often subtly get the reader to purchase coconut oil from a brand. According to a report, 45% of buyers read through three or more content writing pieces before contacting the salesperson. 

The beauty of content writing is defined by how easily marketing is masked under a piece of well-written content. The reader hardly knows they are being pulled into a marketing campaign until it happens. Writing great content is not as easy as it looks, which is why people often hire an essay writing service to take care of their content with ease. 

What is SEO copywriting? 

To understand SEO copywriting better, let’s break the term and define each individually. Firstly, SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which are procedures used to push a website to the first page of search engines. Secondly, copywriting involves writing clear and persuasive texts for advertisements or sales purposes. 

SEO copywriting, therefore, denotes writing a compelling piece of content to show up on the first Google page, grabbing the attention of anyone who searches for something regarding this or that product or service. There are about nine different types of copywriting, and SEO copywriting is just one of them. Another one of the types of copywriting is called marketing copywriting, and an example of it is email marketing.

Do you usually get emails from Amazon or Alibaba to get notified about some discounts or a new product coming? Do they make you want to shop? If so, you have experienced the magic of a well-written copy, egging you to purchase a product or pay for a service. 

In SEO copywriting, the copy is placed at the top of Google search to convince people to make a purchase. According to Hubspot’s marketing statistics, 70% of marketers say SEO generates more sales than Pay Per Click marketing. So it comes as no surprise there are many SEO writer jobs because the demand for SEO copywriting is high.

Now that you understand both writing types and their effectiveness for marketing, let’s look at the factors explaining why they are different from each other and in what aspects. 

Differences Between Content Writing and SEO Copywriting 

Understanding the difference between content writing and SEO copywriting means figuring out their purpose, the job description, and the writing style required for both. 


While both forms of writing often ultimately drive sales, they take different approaches. Content writing aims to generate traffic, hoping that it can translate to sales and generate revenue for a business. Content writing is also informative enough to catch the attention of readers who browse the internet seeking help with specific issues.

On the other hand, SEO copywriting goes straight to the point with its sales initiatives. It doesn’t seek to generate traffic and just focuses on selling products or services. Whenever you read an SEO copy online, you will find that it delves right into the product or service on sale.


A company can either hire a content writer who can write an SEO copy or hire a content writer along with an SEO copywriter. The job description of a content writer for a company is to create content for a website, which may or may not involve SEO practices. A content writer will also write blog posts and social media posts for the company.

However, SEO copywriter job descriptions are pretty straightforward; they are geared towards sales wherever their copy goes. There are such factors as keyword density, specific tones and style involved to write product descriptions and promotional copies. Finally, SEO copywriters optimize a business’s webpage for users to find what they want easily online.

Writing style

Both a content writer and an SEO copywriter must know how to leverage storytelling to attract audiences. However, they tell these stories differently because while a content writer is trying to engage, a SEO copywriter is selling. The content writer’s storytelling technique intends to keep you glued to the article, blog post, or review, while an SEO copywriter’s storytelling looks to make you buy what you sell through ad copies, online commercials, e-store products labels, etc. 

Final thoughts 

Differentiating between content and SEO writing is vital for brands and writers alike. A content writer has to learn how to be a copywriter from scratch if they intend to get into that field. Without such preemptive steps, a content writer may approach tasks from the viewpoint of an SEO copywriter. Therefore, the distinctions we’ve mentioned above are important, and keeping them in mind will help writers find the most suitable job based on their skills and abilities.

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