Top 5 Advertising Campaigns in Asia: Insight by AJ Marketing

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Having 4.3 billion people, the APAC region is a crucial market for businesses from around the world. Asia markets are famous for a high internet penetration rate, a mix of cultures, languages and religions. Not every international business can succeed in this dynamic region. Great market entry strategy and marketing techniques are crucial factors to win over customers in APAC.

AJ Marketing is working with leading global brands helping them to expand business in Asia. To help more international companies to penetrate the Asia markets we will share strategies from the top 5 advertising campaigns in Asia.

Let’s dive into real examples of how Unilever, Prudential, HSBC, GSK and Diageo advertised in Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia.

      1. POND’S from UNILEVER


      Unilever conducted a campaign to promote the Pond’s Men Bright Boost Facial Cleanser to the Singapore market by creating a TVC titled “Dull Face”. This video advert featured the 80s hit song “Don’t You Forget About Me” and talked about how men should not neglect a skincare routine because a dull face will be forgotten

      This quirky film advert successfully won the hearts of the Singapore markets due to the creative localization and humor, also ranked as one of the most successful marketing campaigns in Singapore in 2021.



      The London based multinational company, Prudential, is one of the leading insurance companies in Asia. In May 2021, Prudential launched a campaign titled “Learn to Love” by producing a short film targeted towards the Vietnam market. 

      To support the campaign, Prudential Vietnam also did a series of talk shows titled “Learning Love by Prudential” which was hosted by Thuy Minh and was broadcasted once a month. This talk show features local Vietnamese celebrities to talk about their relationship with partners, children, friends, etc. 

      Moreover, short films and celebrity partnerships are some of the most trending marketing techniques in Vietnam. Therefore, the combination of short films and talk shows brought amazing results for Prudential Vietnam. This campaign became one of the most successful marketing campaigns in Vietnam in 2021.

      3. HSBC

      Hong Kong

      HSBC Hong Kong The Story Continues Campaign

      One of the most successful marketing stories in Hong Kong came from HSBC, as the company launched a campaign titled “The Story Continues”.

      HSBC kick-started the campaign with a LED show from a building located in the central district.  With a combination of out-of-house promotions on tram shelters and their main building, alongside a number of social media posts, this campaign was aimed to narrate the optimism in Hong Kong’s future as the brand was committed to supporting individuals, businesses, and community.

      The campaign arrived at the time when Hong Kong was facing severe job cuts, criticism, and unrest due to the protests

      The most noticeable element of the campaign was the re-designed bilingual logo, where they highlighted the ‘forward hexagon’ which resembles the fast forward movement. With this campaign, HSBC spread the message that great brands provide hope and are focused only on making money.

      4. PANADOL from GSK


      To raise public awareness in regards to the COVID-19 vaccines, the flagship brand of GlaxoSmithKline, Panadol, created a nationwide campaign for post-vaccination care. The product is meant for people experiencing pain and fever.

      This informative campaign features tips on how to take care after getting the COVID-19 vaccines. The campaign supported the Malaysian government’s efforts to minimize the hesitancy of being vaccinated. 

      Moreover, this campaign included educational video and information guideline contents which are published in Panadol Malaysia’s digital and social channels, media platforms, and in-stored local pharmacies like Watsons nationwide.

      The brand also distributed educational resources in regards to COVID-19 vaccines and post-vaccination care to 2,000 pharmacists and 700 general practice clinics. 

      5. GUINNESS from Diageo


      Guinness Together We Are More Campaign

      The giant brewery brand, Guinness, did an amazing campaign for the Indonesia market titled “Together We Are More”. This Ireland-based brand created a campaign inspired by brotherhood and endless possibilities. 

      The campaign features a short movie titled “Myth” where it was based on a rumour that years ago someone was crazy enough to build a ski resort on the roof in Indonesia’s tropical landscape, which is the unlikeliest place on earth. 

      Starred by local Indonesian actors, this movie set a story of how a group of friends put on an adventure to see if this resort really existed, with a shared desire to experience endless possibilities and live a life beyond the guidebook.

      To support this campaign, Guinness also created a tattoo print work from artists across Asia that embodies the design and message of “Together We Are More” as a symbol of togetherness to achieve the extraordinary.

      Guinness also launched a special edition packaging ONE INDONESIA EDITION to support this campaign, featuring graffiti artist Darbotz and illustrator Ykha Amelz. With the Batik printed on the cans of Guinness, this design won an Indonesia Design Award for Best Product Design.

      Guinness One Indonesia Edition


      As Asia markets are developing, businesses must understand that a great marketing strategy is a key to standing out among the competitors.

      Learning from the top 5 campaigns above, it is clear that localization towards the target audience is a crucial marketing technique to ensure the success of the campaign. Businesses that succeed do thorough research on each country’s consumer behaviour to deliver the right marketing message.

      Keeping up with the latest marketing trends is also important to do marketing in this fast-moving market.

      If you are looking for more tips and information in Asia marketing, connect with us at AJ Marketing. With local offices in 8 different countries across APAC, we can share more valuable insights for your advertising strategy.

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