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This Multi-Generational Owned Company Is Bringing Smiles To People

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Founded in 1972 by Mr Omprakash Mahipal, ‘Mega Freight Movers Ltd, was born out of a desire to think large and push beyond the limitations of traditional freight transportation.

Nitin, son of Mr Omprakash Mahipal, has worked in the business for two decades and graduated from Cardiff University in the United Kingdom with a Master’s in Business Administration in Finance and Marketing. Both father and son found a solution for the clients and ensured they got the services on time at competitive rates.

The Story Behind The Name ‘Mega’

“We chose this name in order to have a significant impact on how India delivers its commodities, whether commercial or personal.”, notes Mr Nitin Mahipal, Managing Director, Mega Freight Movers.

Mega is on its way to becoming one significant logistics company, providing transportation, packing and moving, warehousing, 3PL, and home storage services all under one roof, replacing several fragmented and unorganized service providers. Their app ‘MegaMatic‘ is simple yet effective in providing just the proper amount of information to make their customers’ transition to a new house as simple as possible. It is-

  • Simple to use: The MegaMatic app is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.
  • Easy to understand: Simple, consistent design and clear labelling make it easy to understand the information you need.

MegaMatic USPs

Instead of relying on anyone for the correct information or calling different people in the supply chain, one central app gives the correct information to all and allows perfect synergy to prevail.

In an industry where the supply chain to deliver and sell a product can be highly complex, everyone has access to relevant information. MegaMatic is an app that helps to do exactly that because it connects all team members into one singular system. It gives customers the ability to track their products at any time and helps managers stay in communication with those they are managing.

“Our USP is providing a single version of truth (SVOT) every time through our communication and Technology platform.”, Nitin claims.

The idea to use simple yet powerful tools like transparency and dedication to making a significant and positive difference in the customers’ supply chains was on the cards from the very beginning.

How They Came Upon The Idea Of ‘Mega’

Mr Nitin Mahipal is the twenty-first generation leader of Mega Group, following in his father’s footsteps as the founder of Mega Freight Movers Ltd., Mr Omprakash Mahipal has built up a legacy spanning two generations. Nitin, who has spent his lifetime working hard for this business founded half a century ago, has ushered in new ideas for innovative changes to ensure that the company remains at the forefront of its industry despite increasing competition from other well-established businesses in the region.

Nitin says, “Our corporate headquarters are in Mumbai, with branch offices in India’s major Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities.” He further adds, “Mumbai is a well-established market with Head offices of the major corporate industries, which frequently demand our services.” 

How Are They Serving Their Customers?

During the Pandemic, We knew that many people were fleeing the city, as they didn’t feel safe in the city. Instead, in such unprecedented times, many individuals wanted to be closer to their hometown and spend more time with their families.

“We saw an opportunity and offered them our Home Storage Options, where we packed and stored their household goods in 1/5th the cost of their monthly rent. It was a big saving for the clients”, says managing director Mr Nitin O Mahipal.

Nitin tells us, “In the Mega group, our division, Mega Pack and Carry, we offer services such as office relocation, household relocation, warehouse and storage, fine arts relocation, data centre migration, pet relocations, road transportation, loading, unloading, and unpacking.”

The final cost of moving a house depends on various factors, including the weight and size of the items, the number of packing materials required for household goods, transportation costs and distance, and declared value insurance.

Currently, Mega Group has a team of 380 dedicated employees. They have a Transactional Revenue model, and customers pay for their services. The Logistics division delivers over 12,00,000 MT of cargo annually.

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