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This Gender-Neutral Product Range Is Shattering Gender Bias

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Things like scents and personal care products are specially assigned a gender. We live in a society following thought processes like – pink is for girls and blue is for boys, floral scents are for women, and woody, musky scents for men etc. Moreover, women’s care needs are built to be expansive, while the road is more straightforward for men. We accepted these thoughts without question. This is what Crazy Owl is here to change. 

The Inception Story Of Crazy Owl- Your Skin Co.

Crazy Owl -Your Skin Co. is a start-up named under Anisia Consumer Care Pvt. Ltd. Launched in April 2022 by Karishma Sahni and Daman Kohli and headquartered in Gurgaon, the company believes in the concept that personal care products are gender fluid. 

Despite the personal care industry being categorised into segments – masculine and feminine, it is no secret that women buy 1/3 of men’s perfumes sold worldwide for their use. The conventional roles of both genders continue to evolve, and so does their portrayal in consumer products. At Crazy Owl, the brand believes in elevating the power of scents in their personal care range that is gender inclusive. They, therefore, make gender fluid, clean products and do not subscribe to traditional gender labels. 

With an impressive work experience totalling 15 years with leading fragrance brands, the founders were struck by how society is biased toward personal care products. In the international market, more brands are embracing the change in trend and embracing gender-neutral products. Crazy Owl also takes it as a responsibility and challenge to change this outlook in India. Their products are truly gender fluid, and high-quality efficacy-based products focused.

Where does this inspiration for transforming the personal care industry come from? From an Owl’s vision; being far-sighted and continuously building solution-driven products. All their products are built on the foundation of veganism; they’re plant-based and gender fluid. The company believes in giving you, its customer, the best possible sensory and sensational experience through products that uplift your body, mind, and soul.

Why Should You Pick Up A Crazy Owl Product Today?

Crazy Owl is one of the few companies in the country that is PETA, IFRA certified, and FDA approved in an overcrowded market. They’re providing the best possible sensory experience in the Hair Care range by introducing India’s First Date Seed Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. Even their Body Washes are 100% soap free, pH balanced, and 99% Glycerine. Additionally, their strong and long-lasting Eau de Parfum and Body Spray range will accentuate your essence as they are targeted to uplift your mood.

More About The Brand

The founders of Crazy Owl – Your Skin Co. believe in all-inclusive beauty. The ideation process was insightful and germinated from the desire to introduce a range of products for the explorers. These adventurous and crazy souls seek escape in all its forms. Some find it at the other end of the world, while some seek to escape through a simpler virtual retreat from daily life. 

E.g., a luxurious fragrance or a personal care product sure to brighten your day, soothe the senses, and promote happiness. 

Every ingredient used at Crazy Owl is cautiously selected and ethically sourced from across the globe with an unwavering dedication to quality. Their products culminate with the correct choice of materials and finest craftsmanship. They firmly believe that pampering oneself daily with their range of products will benefit its users due to the harmoniously blended and pure ingredients used. They have put their heart and soul and have passionately created a luxurious, gender-neutral, conscious, vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable brand.  

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Of Gender-Neutral Campaigns And More

“Our philosophy is that one wears the scent one loves. One uses the product they like. Gender does not enter the equation.” – Daman Kohli, Co-Founder, Crazy Owl – Your Skin Co.

Recently, there has been a conscious shift in the type of products people gravitate towards the most. More and more users aren’t bothered about gender-specific products but are concerned about purchasing efficient, cleaner formulas based on effectiveness. 

They prefer a non-gender-specific scent, packaging, or name, and this is simply because efficacy has no gender. With Crazy Owl, you’re buying into gender neutrality, diversity, inclusiveness, and the idea that we are all the same yet different in our ways.

Their campaign #OwlForAll idea was launched to give voice and throw light on shedding stereotypes by being authentic to yourself. Embrace Life! 

The Marketing Strategy And Competitors

Crazy Owl is a D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) brand selling through its website. The brand feels that the market is too big for any competition and instead focuses on making the best product range available for its consumers. 

Most recently, they’ve signed up on all major marketplace platforms: Amazon Launchpad, Flipkart propel program, Nykaa, Purple, Myntra, Snapdeal, Bigbasket, NYKAA, Tata 1 mg, First cry, and so on to be readily available and accessible for all customers. They will be available in Modern Bazaar too shortly.

What Do The Insights Say?

The Indian Beauty and Personal Care product market was ~INR 980 BN in FY19, with colour cosmetics & skin care as the fastest growing categories. However, India’s BPC (Beauty and Personal Care) market is a small fraction of the global market. This is poised for change as India’s per capita income hits the US$2,000 mark.  

Indians spend 10.7% of their per capita on “Looking more beautiful” at around $2 on cosmetics and skin care, vastly similar to the pre-2000 era in China. Today, China is the second largest market globally and is over 10x the size of the Indian market. This, for Crazy Owl, presents a huge opportunity to build a successful business in India with the right product and marketing strategy.

Challenges Along The Road And The Response Thereof

For any D2C start-up or start-up in general, customer acquisition and gaining traction takes time. Building a brand requires time, effort, money, and dedication. The quality of a product is testified by returning customers while marketing efforts acquire the initial purchase. The good news for Crazy Owl is that they have an impressive customer return rate of close to 30%. This is a confidence booster as they believe that the more customers they acquire, the more brand loyalists they will generate.

As a newly launched brand still in its infancy, they’re learning their ground on how best to reach the larger Indian audience and how to serve them. They want to provide their consumers with a practical luxury and sensory experience, and their products work for the entire family irrespective of age and gender.

The driving force for the brand is customer delight coupled with the need to build a gender-neutral brand. They are firm in taking a humane stand against gender bias in the country; Crazy Owl’s products do not discriminate. All ages. All gender. All humans. Skin is skin. Hair is hair. Scents are genderless.

The Journey Hereon In The Brand’s Promises To Its Consumers

“With our nature-inspired goodness products, add a splash of freshness to your day!” Karishma Sahni, Founder, Crazy Owl – Your Skin Co. 

Crazy Owl promises its consumers a luxurious, consciously crafted brand that aims to deliver clean and sustainable products. Designed to meet the highest standard, every scoop, spritz, and slather is a sensory and sensational experience that can make a remarkable difference to your hair, body, and skin.

Their products make you wiser and more conscious of what you put on your skin, an inspiration from the Wise Owl. With their range of vibrant, sleek, and genderless packaging, their focus is to provide plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free, toxin-free, and high-efficacy formulas that help bring forth a sensory experience, regardless of gender or age. 

Currently, the brand is monitoring double digital growth as they continue to brand their product range. They endeavour to drive more and more customer acquisition to grow a tribe of people who are nature-inspired and not conformists. 

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