The Digital Transformation Of Bangladesh

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The digitalisation impact on Bangladesh, as a developed country, is beyond words. There are people who do not have a home to live in and roam around like vagabonds, yet they own smartphones. Interesting stuff, isn’t it?

Since the last two decades, the mass adoption of digital technology into people’s living habits, work, and communication style has an incredible influence on marketing, which now has evolved into digital marketing.

There was a time when people used to spend hours after hours to place the antenna in the right spot so that they get to watch their favourite shows on television. But then the winds of change have begun to blow in Bangladesh. That being said, people nowadays, apparently, would not even wait a few seconds if there is trouble loading a website and leaving that they would go for another fastest loading webpage.

That’s the rate of development we are in right now. As a result, it forces the world of marketing to strategically change too!

It has been one of the visions of this nation to make it a digitally advanced country by 2021. Things are drastically being changed over the past years as the government is working very hard to make the vision come true. Today, arguably, everything is in the palms of one’s hands. With the increasing number of digital platforms, Bangladesh has seen revitalisation in the world of marketing as well. As a result, what happened is that marketing is no longer the buzz word now. It has evolved. The new in thing now is digital marketing.

It might not be unknown to anyone – the main concept of marketing is connecting with your audience in the right place at the right time. And, digital marketing indicates all of your online marketing efforts to be in touch with the consumers. In this digital era, what else can be the best strategy than utilising the digital platform and reaching out to the customers by just only a few clicks or taps away where they are?

Advantages of digital marketing are undeniably many. Businesses are experiencing benefits of it beyond what traditional marketing can offer. With this trend, results are much faster too. Entrepreneurs are rushing in to take all the advantages of it.

A simple example can portray the scenario here crystal clear. A few days back, the gas supply was stayed shut in some of the areas in Dhaka. The inhabitants, including me, within the affected areas, suffered in terms of cooking their daily meals. When I browsed through Facebook that day, I saw several advertisements by different restaurants providing offers and discounts to complement the people’s difficulties with their services, were popping up on my Newsfeed. I was not surprised at all having to see these advertisements. All the nearby restaurants were just seemed to apply their marketing strategies well and in time, taking digital advantage of what time demanded.

Now that is digital marketing! It has become the most powerful form of marketing in this nation. Marketers make the best out of the digital platforms with the necessity of time, stay in the buzz, grow their client base very fast and get profits accordingly.

Social media, search engine optimisation (SEO) and blogs are considered as the main three platforms of digital marketing in Bangladesh, where social media tops the list. There would hardly be any company which does not have their own page on social media. Even there are businesses that are only based on social networking sites. Entrepreneurs are taking online as a golden opportunity to building up their own business with the help of the platform.

Why social media is the apple of everyone’s eyes while talking about digital marketing in Bangladesh? The most important point is that it is easier to get access to the mass market at an affordable price, which is not possible via TV or print.

A targeted audience can be reached in a measurable way through it. This strategy lets you engage the consumers in different marketing campaigns by providing eye-catching and trendy contents. It is just that you have to understand what type of content that can possibly catch the audience’s attention. And your work is done – the word would be passed from user to user and become viral in just a few seconds. Lastly, social media is like an open book and result is visible instantly whether it is positive or negative.

To talk about SEO and blog, back in the 90s, it was very easy to get noticed on the internet having only 130 websites throughout the whole world wide web. But today, you will stay unnoticed among the millions of website and blog available even if you have good products, people won’t come and buy from you. Going digital, this is the reason why SEO’s popularity is increasing day by day. Blogs are there to highlight the business and the story behind it. By putting appropriate keywords in the blogs, companies are attempting to stay in the front lines of the internet in order for the customers to notice and find them.

Digital marketers in Bangladesh have started utilising a different type of platforms very well as their perspective on marketing’s value proposition is getting better. Hopefully, more positive changes can be seen in the marketing sector in the near future here in Bangladesh as every single individual and brands are working hard to win more hearts of the masses in their journey to monetisation.

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