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Serial Entrepreneur Launches Web3, Metaverse Knowledge-Sharing Platform

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After experiencing firsthand the struggle of understanding the complex world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrencies, play-to-earn gaming, and the Metaverse, a 29-year-old serial entrepreneur decided to set up a platform that will provide information on the blockchain technology. Miggy Azurin recently closed an investment that will help fund his mission to deliver accurate information about the Web3 through his platform, The Mega Maxi—a media company that will bring the latest news and events about crypto, NFTs, P2E gaming, and Metaverse.

 “In my deep dive into NFTs, I realized that there is so much information needed to digest, and I had a hard time figuring that out on my own,” Azurin said.

“And with the drive to educate and share all the knowledge and experience I gathered, I feel that I am now well-placed to provide an avenue for people to consume high-quality information through The Mega Maxi,” he added.


Empowering users through information

 As a marketer, Azurin loves how NFTs can unite people over shared values and mutual love for the art or artist they support. As a passionate educator, he believes knowledge is both power and profit. With The Mega Maxi, he wants to help people gain insights they need to take action and improve their lives in P2E gaming and the rising industry of Web3.

 The Mega Maxi is actively educating crypto enthusiasts through the content they upload on their Facebook and Twitter pages. They regularly do live audio conversations on Twitter Space to discuss topics related to P2E, NFTs, Web3, and everything in between.

A passion project

 Azurin started his journey in the Metaverse through the NBA Top Shot—the official NFT project of the National Basketball Players Association. He then started playing Axie Infinity and is currently an ambassador for another blockchain mobile role-play gaming called “Guild of Guardians.” He is also involved in other smaller communities in the NFT space.

 His interest in cryptocurrency, Web3, and NFTs made him realize the potential of NFTs and how brands can utilize the technology to reach more fans, build engagement, and connect with different people virtually.


Failure is not fatal

 Azurin failed multiple times in growing his own startup companies in different industries after graduating from college. He then pursued a career in marketing when he joined his peers in the corporate world and worked as a freelancer.

He started his career in marketing by doing work for free until he transitioned into paying clients after building his portfolio. His newfound love for marketing made him dream bigger by forming his own marketing consulting company, Huskee Digital.

 “I remained relentless and persistent. I used my previous business failures as learning opportunities to guide me in delivering marketing services to my clients,” he said.

 In 2021, he became a Chief Marketing Officer for 4Gives, a fintech startup offering a “buy now, pay later” payment plan to customers or users with equal installments to buy products at 0% interest.

 Furthermore, Azurin advocates getting enough sleep for seven to eight hours, so he ran a sleep health e-commerce business called Better Sheep. It offers products that help people sleep better at night, including blankets, loungewear, lavender-scented balm, and care kits.

 As an active startup entrepreneur in Manila, Azurin’s father, Jojy Azurin, influenced him to enter the business. Growing up in that household, he was exposed to and given insights on how to get started in tech.


The Next Generation of Tech Savvies

With the emergence of the virtual community, Azurin said web development and community management would be the two most significant career opportunities. The art of creating and managing smart contracts will be in demand as more businesses tap the technology.

 “People who are social media savvy and command a deep knowledge of community building will also see countless opportunities as businesses invest in growing their online communities,” he stressed.

In addition, he wanted to inspire the young generation who aspire to start their own tech company to go out of their comfort zones and explore the industry by building their networks through attending events.


The Future of Metaverse and Web3

Azurin said that now in Web2, big tech companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google have defined the experiences for the longest time and had to play by their rules. In Web3, most Metaverse companies focus on building a “community-first.”

One of Web3’s core tenants is decentralization; the users will have more freedom over data and digital assets, giving organizations less power and allowing users to participate more actively.

“The best web3 brands will be ones that give users true ownership over assets – whether art, collectibles, gaming items, or experiences,” he stated.

Metaverse is a virtual space where people can socialize, shop, play, and work. Meanwhile, the web3 is a new kind of internet service built using decentralized blockchains that aren’t controlled by a single company or governed by any rules

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