Marketing In Asia: Helping People To Connect The Dots

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There are many great articles being written here at Marketing In Asia, and especially viewpoints that are written with novelties, perspectives, and groundbreaking ideas that could spark self-awareness or interests of some sort. This materializes from writers who come from several different backgrounds where they are willing to share their thoughts and ideas to help individuals, businesses or industries to better improve themselves.

We also find repetitively similar topic contents, which we may have read from other publications. It is actually good to be reminded from time to time, as it’s our natural behaviour to sometimes forget or overlook things. As a child, we are often reminded to do this and not that, and still, we continue to repeat the same mistakes or curiosities over and over again. And today we apply the same approach to our children.

Whether as an adolescent or adult, this behaviour remains for our own good depending on how we use our brain capacities to store, comprehend and respond to various situations. In time, what is repeatedly said or mentioned will eventually stay in our minds for a longer period and properly utilised when the right moment comes.

Every time we think, we are actually connecting the dots inside our minds so we could communicate the right information to fit the condition. By giving the right solution to a certain problem ultimately gets the best result. And in any form of business marketing, this is what all industries are trying to achieve.

To the clients or consumers, we try to connect the dots by understanding how people think and act. We link ideas and offer suggestions that benefit clients or consumers desire and form that much-needed bond.

In business, most companies have their own sets of objectives and ambitions that we can explore and use it to initiate an understanding. Internally, it helps management and its employees to have the right focus on achieving the acquired results. How often it is reminded relies on how the management approaches their employees.

One of the many effective methods that have been made by many organisations is to send their employees for training or courses to further enhance employees’ knowledge, skills, and insights. In return, employees should benefit the company by delivering proficiency and profitable results as David Ogilvy has subtly said it,

“The more our people learn, the more useful they can be to our clients.”

Generally and here at Marketing In Asia, writers are passionate and ambitious to connect the dots by motivating others to continuously learn new methods, and with the right attitude, they too will inspire others to achieve what they have richly gained. Les Brown mentions it well here,

“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.

They say ‘two heads are better than one’, for any company to achieve a great result is when a company inspires greatness to its people. Richard Branson is one of many aspiring entrepreneurs, as reminded by one of his famous quotes,

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to”.

The ‘No man is an island’ is a known phrase that when people work together, the magnitude of achievements obtained by both management and employees amounts to unimaginable values, and returns.

Needless to say, words can engage people to do great things. Today, writers come in many career forms from poets, journalists, copywriters, novelists, etc. They have a responsibility to convey facts, information, and knowledge. They are the frontliners whom constantly initiate and endure the business market essentials. Writers have a long line of history dating back since the beginning of time and are individuals who connect the concealed dots.

Truth is, we are all actually connected to one another not just through kinship, but also in humanity. Which is why we have never stopped to continuously connect the dots.

Keep connecting. Stay connected.

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