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Here’s Why Women-Led Tech Is Top For Female Employees

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Did you know that women make up 52% of the total European population, but account for only 30% of start-up entrepreneurs? That’s according to WEgate, the European gateway for women’s entrepreneurship.

Firms founded and led by females are also reported as having less access to equity and debt funding than those founded and led by males, according to a new report from Innovate Finance and EY, which looks at gender diversity and equality in UK Fintech.

In the industry, female employees said they are less likely to negotiate salary and bonuses when joining a new organisation, which is also contributing to the gender pay gap.

Muddying the waters is the fact that the report highlights that men said they were significantly more positive than women about the industry’s diversity and inclusion performance. This is a perception which may make achieving gender equality more difficult.

It is not uncommon for this sort of bias to occur. For example, research shows that when a group of five makes a democratic decision, and only one member is a woman, she will speak 40% less than each of the men. It is only in groups with four women do they each take up as much airtime as the one man. 

Additionally, a review of more than 7,000 employee feedback surveys on 1,100 female executives uncovered that when women expressed an opinion with passion in a meeting, their male colleagues felt their response was emotional.

There is some positive news. The Innovate Finance and EY report also uncovered the fact that at leadership level, senior executives do understand the importance of gender diversity and building an inclusive culture at work. The report also underlined the fact that female-founded and female-led Fintechs attract a higher proportion of female workers than male founded ones,  which underscores the importance of positive role models for women.

If you’re looking for a new role that works for the way you want to work – hybrid flexibility, a company that is recognised as a great place to work or one with brilliant parent-friendly benefits, then we have three to check out below. And for plenty more jobs to discover, visit the Job Board.

Senior Consultant Modelling & BI, Deloitte

The Role: Deloitte’s Finance and Operations Risk Transformation (FORT) department in Zaventem, Belgium, is currently looking for a Senior Consultant Modelling & BI. This team supports a wide range of engagements in diverse sectors and business units.

The Responsibilities: You’ll develop Excel and/or VBA solutions tailored to specific client issues,  design BI dashboards and automate reporting tools and increase visibility on the financial situation.

The Requirements: You will have a Master’s degree in business economics or engineering or equally by experience, as well as a strong financial and business background and three to five years of experience.

Why Choose It: Multiple benefits are on offer including flexible work arrangements for all and initiatives supported by Parents@Deloitte, health benefits and insurance opportunities and all jobs are open to part-time work under a 90% or 80% regime.

Discover more roles at Deloitte here.

Customer Centric Engineer – Kafka (EMEA-Remote), Aiven

The Role: Headquartered in Helsinki with hubs globally, Aiven provides managed open-source data technologies. It is now looking for Software Engineers with Kafka experience to join its Customer Centric Engineering Team. You’ll work at the intersection of its various customer engagement and engineering teams and drive customer success.

The Responsibilities: You’ll interact directly with customers, and be hands-on with fixing issues and providing software development and operations expertise.

The Requirements: Four or more years’ as a software engineer, database administrator or solutions engineer are required as is experience with operating and administering Apache Kafka environments. 

Why Choose It: The role is remote, and Aiven says it offers a “really good work-life balance (and we mean it!)”. The working environment is diverse and international and you can gain extra remuneration for open-source contributions.

Discover more roles at Aiven.

Senior PR and Brand Awareness Manager – France, Hubspot

The Role: As HubSpot’s PR & Brand Awareness Manager, you will manage corporate communications, brand reputation, thought leadership, brand campaigns and executive positioning across France. 

The Responsibilities: You’ll manage all strategic PR and brand awareness efforts to increase awareness and understanding of HubSpot. Additionally, you will develop authentic and high contextual regional campaigns and stories that educate the market, raise visibility, enhance market penetration and help position HubSpot upmarket.

The Requirements: Along with solid experience in PR, branding and storytelling in France, you will be experienced and comfortable working with senior-level execs and developing thought leadership platforms. You will need full professional proficiency in English as well as a native French speaker.

Why Choose It: HubSpot was named the #2 Best Place to Work on Glassdoor in 2022.

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