Get Paid To Sleep Well By Becoming GAIAS’ Sleep Challengers For 100 Days

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Malaysia’s sleep statistics could jolt many a concerned citizen awake: a whopping nine out of ten Malaysians suffer from one or more kinds of sleeping problems! In a bid to enlighten Malaysians on the wonders of sublime slumber, homegrown bedsheet manufacturer GAIAS Home is organising the “100 Days Sleeping Challenge” on social media, where shortlisted participants will receive a generous cash reward for documenting and adhering to a 100-day routine of quality shut-eye.

Through this interactive challenge, GAIAS Home aims to bring to light the negative impact of junk sleep, which — as its name suggests — is poor sleep quality caused by heavy usage of electronics at night. Devices (or rather, a guilty vice) like smartphones, tablets, and televisions before bed prevents the human brain from recharging for the next day.

Lee Jia Wei, founder of GAIAS Home, shares his experience: “Like many Malaysians, I was also a chronic victim of junk sleep. I didn’t realise that my exhaustion came from always being glued to my screen, and that was detrimental not only to my physical but also mental health. It’s true what they say: quality of sleep translates to quality of life too!

Here’s how shortlisted sleep enthusiasts can earn to sleep (a dream come true!):

  1. Record your sleeping experience using all GAIAS Home products received for the challenge
  2. Share feedback on your sleeping experience with GAIAS in fortnightly check-ins
  3. Publish a story or post on any social media platform (account must be public) with the campaign hashtag #gaiassleepers when officially starting the challenge 
  4. Publish a video (minimum 5 minutes in length) on any social media platform at the end of the challenge, recounting your sleeping experience using GAIAS’ products

The full timeline for the challenge spans five months and is as follows:

  • 18 September 2022 – 17 October 2022: Applications open
  • 18 October 2022 – 24 October 2022: Review and interview applicants
  • 25 October 2022 – 31 October 2022: Announce and send products to chosen challengers
  • 1 November 2022 – 15 February 2023: Begin the challenge
    • 7 November 2022 – 13 January 2023: 1st product review
    • 15 February 2023 – 20 February 2023: 2nd product review

Upon successful completion of the 100-day challenge, Sleep Challengers will each receive a cash reward of RM2,000 and a premium set of GAIAS Home’s latest dream-worthy products, comprising one signature cotton sheet set, one Tencel sheet set, one duvet, one topper, ​​and two memory foam pillows!

GAIAS Home was originally founded as the brainchild of my core mission to help more people sleep better, and to me, this campaign is an extension of that. By trying our products firsthand and sharing their experiences with their friends and family, or even the world, on social media, we hope that this ‘100 Days Sleeping Challenge’ can help spread the word about the importance of both a good bed setup and a good night’s sleep,Lee enthuses.

Beyond encouraging Malaysians to value the merits of good sleep, GAIAS also hopes to turn these public user reviews into insights that will help them improve and diversify their range of products — all for a good forty winks (and many more).

Applications are now open at For the full list of campaign terms and conditions, kindly visit GAIAS’ website.

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