From Pitching To Problem-Solving: Marketing Insights I’ve Learned From A Lady CEO Of A BPO Services Startup

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The art of presenting ourselves as a problem-solver rather than a marketer.

“I’ve always been passionate about leading people and bring out the best in them. This is the best solution that I know to help my clients’ business grow. I am passionate about solving problems, delivering results, and make sure that those results serve both the interest of my most important shareholders: my clients and my employees, ” says Maricar Hernandez, CEO of Beyond Limits BPO .

I met Maricar a few months ago and learned that she came from the same industry where I came from before I became a digital marketing strategist for CEOs. She’s had more than 17 years of BPO experience under her belt and has started as early as America Online (AOL) days.

As a digital marketing strategist, I could easily tell that Maricar was one of the few people I’ve encountered who’d rather do problem-solving than pitching when it comes to attracting and taking care of clients.

One of the few I knew who (unconsciously) markets herself by walking the talk.

The conception of her startup, Beyond Limits BPO, all came about when Maricar received really attractive offers from business owners of outsourcing companies. Thinking that she would only be able to do so much under someone else’s company, and not be able to carry out what she has envisioned for her employees and clients,  Maricar decided to put up her own company instead.

Maricar was initially content with her last employer, as a manager of a BPO services company. Being an experienced employee who has had her hands on all facets of setting up and running a BPO company, Maricar was content at having a hand at problem-solving and decision-making, at meeting and maintaining service levels for the company. Her time-tested ability in managing employees’ performance efficiently and driving results are simply innate in her that a lot of key people from the same industry believed she was ready to set the sails of her own ship.

Unlike other startup companies I’ve encountered who had to undergo and painful process of pitching and getting rejected by one investor after another, Maricar pretty much went to a different direction.

All because the problem-solving skills she has perfected over the years have become her mark.

Today, Beyond Limits BPO is one of the sought after BPO solutions provider both by healthcare (medical and dental services) and accounting firms. As a CEO with a great vision, Maricar has founded Beyond Limits BPO with the main goal of being a value-driven company where it ultimately creates happy employees and clients.

“I believe that by inspiring and adding value in people’s lives through long-term employment and delivering quality services is the most sustainable way that I can satisfy my most important shareholders, my employees and my clients. These are the solutions that are important to them, so we make it a priority to deliver these to them.”

Over the years, this lady CEO has seen the business process outsourcing industry grow and thrive in the Philippines and from all the BPO processes I’ve learned and developed, one thing remains certain to this today to her: “The best way to take care of your clients is by taking care of your employees.”

Being a problem-solving expert who, at the same time, attended Harvard Business School, Maricar likewise believes in the benefits of incorporating innovation in delivering cost-effective business solutions.

Maricar has always believed in innovation and how effectively it can drive satisfaction to what she always considers her most important shareholders.

Today, being the founder and CEO of Beyond Limits BPO, she believes that there isn’t a better time to help achieve the goals of her shareholders than in this day and age of disruptive innovation.

“I have always believed that, when done right, innovation can bring remarkable positive changes both to businesses and people.”

Take that from a Maricar.

Perhaps if there’s one important thing that all marketers can learn from this lady CEO, it is the art of presenting ourselves as a problem-solver rather than a marketer.

And yes, to walk the talk.

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