Email Marketing For eCommerce & 5 Types of Emails To Boost Sales

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In past years social media and other marketing tools have gained a significant momentum but does this means the indigenous way of communicating email has been obsolete.

No of course not. Email is still the unbeatable channel which drives the business in.

But how?

Because 72% consumers prefer emails as a source of communication. and 86% consumers enjoy receiving promotional emails monthly.

We all know email is considered as the currency of internet nowadays. Email is the first thing which comes to mind when wondering to communicate directly with the customers. Whether its healthcare sector, telecom sector, educational sector or any other sector Almost every business communication runs on email today.

So are u running an e-commerce store?

If yes, then Email marketing can prove to be extremely beneficial for marketers but the problem is most of the time the power of email marketing is underestimated.

With the small bunch of effective emails, one can easily take his online store on never ending heights. And below mentioned are the 5 emails which every e-commerce store must send to their subscribers –

Welcome Email. Do you believe the first impression is the last impression? If not then you need to start believing right away because the same thing is applicable in business as well. Your customers want you to see you at your best on your first date. In simple words, it acts as your virtual greeter/ welcomer. Your customers have trusted you and showed their interest in your business. So now it’s your turn to spread the red carpet.

To put it in simple words welcome email is the first mail which is sent to the subscriber after completing the subscription process. Thus it’s really very important to design a good welcome mail template as this is the moment they are most likely to buy from your store.

But what should you mention in a welcome mail?

Confused? I’ll help you out. The welcome mail is the first email which is sent to the subscriber after completing the subscription process. And at this moment the subscriber is most like to buy from your store. Thus it’s really very important to grab the subscriber’s attention at this moment and urge them to become your customer. Now the subscriber’s attention can be grabbed in two ways:

  • Fulfill the promise – fulfill the promise which you did at the time your subscriber signed up. Olivia Dello Buono, copywriter, and social media enthusiast, on the Instapage blog, explains: “If you promised an incentive upon signup, whether it be a guide, promo code or exclusive offer, this is the time to share it. You don’t want to keep your new subscribers waiting. And what better way for them to start diving right in and engaging with your content?”
  • Offer an incentive – Do you believe incentive works? Of course, it does. We as human like the special gifts and offers time to time. And it is considered as one of the best ways to grab the subscribers attention. See how Bookmyshow offers welcome gift to grab it’s subscribers attention –


Cross-sell emails. Your subscribers have purchased from you. What now? Are you done with your job? No, of course not. There are other products as well in your e-commerce store which will also you have to sell ultimately. But first, let’s understand what is cross-selling? To put it in simple terms the cross-selling is the technique of used to get a customer to spend more by purchasing a product that’s related to what’s being bought already. And email marketing plays a vital role in cross-selling the products.


Cart Abandoned mails – Do you know one-third of your cart is abandoned by your online buyers. And according to SaleCycle approximately of 75.6% of carts were abandoned in 2018. Which means 100 potential buyers landed on your website,  looked for products, added them to cart but out of 100 potential buyers 75 buyers stepped back and left their cart. Each buyers backoff reasons differs. Some leaves because they aren’t ready to buy, some because of shipping issues whereas some leaves because they feel the price is too high.

So according to this if the company’s annual sales are worth Rs 20 lakh then the company is losing Rs 15 lakh every year because of cart abandoned. A huge loss….Isn’t it? So will you flush out all that money and your potential customers?

No, of course not. And thankfully we got something better for you. Send cart abandoned email in order to recover the 75% of the loss. All you need to do is:

  • A reminder – Once the cart is being abandoned then after 24 hours in order to remind the buyers that they have left something in their cart.
  • Objection Mails – Now as you have sent reminder so now your task is to find out why the buyer left you. As mentioned earlier every buyer is unique and thus every buyer has its unique reason to leave the cart. Add a questionnaire in the mailer which says something like “Why did you leave us” with the four options. So this by the end of the month you’ll have a good data why did your customers leave you. This way you can improve your products or service in the near future.
  • Discount Email – If buyers have left your cart then it means they are in doubt or slow. So now it’s your turn to push them and speed up their process.


Birthday/ Anniversary Mail. Birthdays and anniversary are indeed a special day in everyone’s life and thus the third type of mail which every business must send to its subscribers which will make them feel special discount coupon. And it has been noted that 60% of people say that receiving special offers is the top reason they subscribe to an email list from a business. Emails not only provide a sense of security but also it makes you feel that the message has been sent and addressed as per your needs.


Thank you email. There’s a great psychology behind the word “Thank You” And like or not but “Thank You Email” works wonders for your business as well. According to the theory of gratitude, a simple “Thank You” prompts the following three psychological reactions: The gratitude binds the both the business and the subscriber, and invokes the initiation of new social relationship

By simply sending a thank you mail will work wonders. It showcases that you value the time and efforts of your subscribers. This way you’ll also build trust and long term relation with your subscriber. This will also encourage them to interact more with your customers.

But the question is when to send the “Thank You Mail”. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Immediately after completing the order purchase
  • When the subscription is renewed

See how DSW sends a Thank You Email when the buyer adds something to the wishlist.

So by now we have covered 5 types of emails which every ecommerce store must send to its subscribers. But there’s a long list of emails which can help ecommerce stores in lot many ways.

But the above mentioned are the mails which one should try as soon as possible. And always remember the sooner you start is the better. And once you have started to run these email campaigns, collect the data and you’ll see within a short period of time your sales graph has significantly grown up.

Hope you find this useful. Drop your doubts and queries in the comment section below and we would be glad to assist you.

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