Digital Media Update (Mar 25 – Apr 01): YouTube, Google, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat

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Marketing In Asia brings to you a weekly curated round-up of important digital marketing updates.

Weekly Digital marketing updates

YouTube Confirms Shorts Views Don’t Count For Monetization.

Views of YouTube Shorts count toward a channel’s total watch time, but they don’t count toward eligibility in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

Channels in the YPP are able to monetize and earn revenue from videos, though not everyone is eligible to join it.

Among other criteria, acceptance into the YPP requires 4,000 valid public watch hours within the last 12 months.

It wasn’t always clear whether Shorts views contributed to the 4,000 threshold. Read more (Source: search engine journal)

Google’s URL Parameters tool is going away

Google announced that the URL parameters tool is going away next month, citing the tool has little or low value. Google will be sunsetting this feature on April 26, 2022 and you will no longer be able to access the tool after that date.

Google said it has become “much better at guessing which parameters are useful on a site and which are —plainly put— useless.” Google added that “only about 1% of the parameter configurations currently specified in the URL Parameters tool are useful for crawling.” “Due to the low value of the tool both for Google and Search Console users, we’re deprecating the URL Parameters tool in 1 month,” Google said. Read more (Source: search engine land)

LinkedIn Adds New Tools for Creators, Including Improved Content Analytics and Updates Profile Video Options

LinkedIn has announced some new tools for creators, including improved content analytics, new profile video tools, newsletter showcase options, a subscriber bell for update notifications and more.

Building on its existing Creator Mode tools, LinkedIn is adding more insights to help creators plan and optimize their on-platform content approach.

From total impression numbers to engagement statistics, creators can see what’s working and where they may want to change their content strategy. Read more (Source: social media today)

TikTok Launches Search Ads Beta For Selected Partners

There’s a new way for advertisers to reach customers on TikTok.

Though not yet announced or confirmed, it appears TikTok is quietly rolling out ads within its search results page.

TikTok seems to be just getting started with their advertising capabilities. While this search ads beta isn’t available for everyone, the best way to get started is to get in touch with a TikTok ads rep.

Read more (Source: search engine journal)

Twitter Tests New, Interactive Ad Types as it Seeks to Boost its Promotional Appeal

Twitter’s rolling out a new format called ‘Interactive Text Ads’, which will enable advertisers to connect landing pages to chosen words within their larger ad copy.

These ads will appear with a larger, bolder typeface than the standard Twitter font in the timeline. Advertisers can highlight up to three words in their ad copy that, when clicked, will drive consumers to landing pages chosen by the brand. Read more (Source: social media today)

LinkedIn Pages Can Now Publish Newsletters

Newsletters were once the domain of email marketing, but LinkedIn is taking steps to modernize them for the social media age.

The rollout of LinkedIn Newsletters is an extension of the Articles for Pages featured introduced last year, which allows businesses to create and publish long-form content.

The goal of Articles for Pages is to provide better engagement with followers and invite conversations. Read more (Source: search engine journal)

Snapchat Adds YouTube Link Stickers to Enhance Video Sharing

After enabling users to add tweets directly into their Snapchat snaps in late 2020, Snapchat is now finally adding another new sharing option, with users now also able to share YouTube videos with friends, direct from the Snapchat Camera.

With this new integration, we’re making it easier than ever for viewers to send their favorite clips and videos right where they are already talking with their friends on Snapchat. This is the first time that YouTube links can be shared visually to Snapchat Stories and one-on-one Snaps, while still accessing the Camera and full suite of Snapchat Creative Tools for self-expression.

Read more (Source: social media today)

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