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Chennai Startup Voltrix Mobility’s Electric Bicycles Focus On Tech

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India has a sprouting electrical vehicles (EV) biological system, with both focal and state legislatures pushing for EV reception across fragments — bikes, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers. More Indians are going electric — with 155% year-on-year development in EV reception as per the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations.

While e-bikes might not have as numerous players on the lookout, their wellness centered benefits are provoking numerous to change from bikes. They offer minimal expense, energy-effective, emanation free and less expensive elective transportation for day to day drive and drives around.

Chennai-based Voltrix Mobility is an e-versatility innovation startup zeroed in on making an in an upward direction coordinated stage for the speedy improvement of e-bikes for shoppers and B2B conveyance needs. Established in 2019 by Viveak M Palanivasan and Sakthivigneshwar R, the startup sent off ‘Tresor’ — an electric bike extraordinarily intended for metropolitan vehicle — in January this year.

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The commencement

Viveak and Sakthi, who were acquainted with one another by a companion, were quick to fabricate their very own business.

Viveak was important for the supervisory crew in a sun oriented housetop organization zeroed in on giving sun based power arrangements. Sakthi, then again, was a center improvement fellow; he took part in global rivalries with his electrical and IoT-based arrangements.

They chose to fire up in the perfect energy space. During the statistical surveying, the pioneers addressed clients and acknowledged there was a gigantic degree for the improvement of e-cycles. They detected an open door as there were not very many players, for example, Hero Cycles, GEEKAY, and E-Trios working in the fragment.

The group set up the Tresor bike by addressing every purchaser trouble spot, like battery security during downpours, pedal-help framework, broadening battery duration, and charging extension. A group of 15 full-time representatives were dealing with the venture, and a further 10 remotely aided the circles of money, planned operations, and IP.

Innovation behind Tresor

The organization’s most memorable contribution, Tresor can ride up to 60-80 km on a solitary charge. It would cost just Rs 3 for each charge, and energizing can take to 4 hours.

The startup says that its separation incorporates making the battery so it tends to be conveyed in a pack and charged utilizing a portable charger. Upon its evacuation, Tresor can be utilized as a typical cycle.

It additionally utilizes the utilization of I-PAS (Intelligent-Pedal Assist System), which considers simple driving and long battery range in light of five degrees of pedal helps and one degree of 100 percent manual. It permits the rider to hawk absent a lot of push or strain. The e-bike can run at the most noteworthy speed of 25 km each hour at level 5.

With Sakhti in charge, Tresor’s innovation is based on the base form of the BOS (Bike Operating System)- Antares 1.0 that has been worked over the current equipment and assists with coordinating all the vehicle’s gadgets.

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Viveak lets YourStory know that near 60% of the e-bike’s unwavering quality, execution and client experience rely upon hardware like battery the board framework (BMS), engine regulator, and sensor framework. Notwithstanding, organizations working in the market gave more significance to mechanical frameworks like suspensions — something that Voltrix would change utilizing its Antares its working framework

“To separate ourselves, we zeroed in more on our bicycle working framework that will bring all the hardware, together guaranteeing that shoppers are having a superior client experience and dependability,” the Founder and CEO of Voltrix Mobility says.

He adds that the organization is hoping to construct its own equipment which will include different specialized highlights, for example, decreased battery size and keyless confirmation.

The group iterated with different battery models and e-bicycles. The ongoing variation is the base model and Voltrix says it will concoct one more model in a year, with progressions, for example, Antares 2.0 OS, keyless confirmation for wellbeing, range gauge show, and decreased battery size.

It likewise plans to diminish the charging time, further developed security highlights for the battery pack, present a versatile regulator which can be reached out to different bicycles and bikes, further develop the diagnostics framework, and validation of extra parts.


The greatest test the startup faces is building a powerful store network because of the absence of an assembling biological system for e-cycles in India as the vast majority of the basic and quality bike parts are imported. For example, Viveak features that wrench, circle brakes, and stuff frameworks are either not made in the nation or are imported regardless of whether they can be fabricated in India, expanding the lead time — beginning to end.

As another participant, Voltrix found it very challenging to source materials as the request amount was more than required. With time and trust, the pioneers had the option to source the materials from rumored makers.

“We needed to show what we were attempting to do and show our plans to persuade the producer to supply the materials,” says Viveak.

He adds that the producers were eager to assist in the wake of seeing the plans. Voltrix imports its materials from Taiwan, China, Europe, and Vietnam.

In any case, the CEO says the organization is hoping to source from inside the country. The group need to begin with obtaining electrical parts locally.

It is chipping away at vertical coordination of items — planning the part and getting it fabricated remotely.

Market a potential open door

As per KPMG, the Indian bike market size was fixed at $1.3 billion and is supposed to develop to $3.51 billion by 2030, with e-bicycles representing the most grounded development.

The e-bike purchaser section is currently at an exceptionally beginning stage, not in any event, representing 1% of the complete bike deal, tells Viveak.

This presents a significant test for the organization. To handle this, Voltrix plans to fabricate freight e-cycles, for example, utility freight and front burden freight for the B2B section.

“The B2B portion would start off right away, while B2C has shown reliable development throughout the course of recent years. With the backing of devoted cycle paths and framework, we can anticipate that it should develop much quicker,” he adds.

The organization has not raised any assets but rather it is hoping to raise a seed round to construct the stage and for various item improvement exercises.

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