SkinQ: The Science-Backed, Dermatologist-Approved Skin Health Company Targeted At Indian Skin And Skin Of Color

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In Search Of A Name

Currently, there is a huge gap between the skincare needs of people and targeted products in the country. Every skin type is different and needs personalised attention; there cannot be a uniform treatment or skin care regimen for each skin type. Individual skin responds differently to ingredients in the products even though they may be of the same skin type. A majority of Indians turn to western brands for their skincare needs and do not have access to homegrown skincare solutions that are safe, effective, and affordable. 

As a Dermatologist, for Dr Chytra, also the Chief Formulator & Founder of SkinQ, solving skin issues is very easy. With the onset of covid, as more people grew active on social media, she also started looking into her Instagram account more deeply. 

Many people were seeking help for their skin concerns, and this is when she decided it was time for her to make effective skincare products more accessible. To create a difference in skin health, she decided to bring out a skincare line that was effective and accessible. This was the birth of SkinQ, a skincare line with a difference

SkinQ is all about Skin Health and stands for ‘Skin Quotient’. Almost everyone knows about IQ and EQ, even though they might now know their score. However, not many are aware of their Skin Quotient. The brand is a skin health solution-focused company targeted at Indian Skin or Skin of Color. It merges beauty and science with dermatologist-formulated active, potent solutions. Their mantra is that everyone deserves healthy glowing skin, and they are the brand to help achieve the best skin with simplified skincare. 

Why Choose SkinQ?

All SkinQ products are formulated with Indian Skin/Skin or Color concerns in mind, which are specific to each skin type. They aim to deliver all-rounder active skincare solutions. Their targeted skin is unique due to higher levels of melanin content, making it more prone to tanning, pigmentation, and sun damage.

SkinQ prides itself in making available Dermatologist Formulated, Made Safe Certified, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Toxin Free skin care products. Their product range includes skincare concerns such as Dull & Tanned Skin, Pigmented Skin, Dry/Dehydrated Skin, and Oily and Acne prone Skin. The range includes cleansers, serums for different skin issues, moisturisers, sunscreen, and masks targeted to boost the skin.

Highest Selling Products And Customer Demographics

The brand is only a year old and is still in its infancy, but this hasn’t stopped them from growing 6x in the last 6 months and continues to grow in sales volume and popularity. It gained traction among customers owing to its lightweight gel formula, which is infused with Vitamin C for added protection against sun damage. They consider their SkinQ Sun Protect Gel as their Hero Product.

The Oil & Acne Control Elixir Serum accounts for 50 % of their sales and is not far behind the sun protect gel in popularity. Based on current sales trends, the SkinQ Glow Bright Wonder Mask is slowly becoming popular among users. 

Their consumer demographic is predominantly in the age range of 18 to 35 years and consists of both females & males. The major chunk of sales is from Bangalore, Delhi & Mumbai.

Market Insight And Distribution channel

In recent times, there has been an upsurge in the cosmetic industry, leading to wider consumer scope. SkinQ is poised to meet consumer demands and industry needs. They intend to expand their product offering by including a hair care range and later get into cosmetics. They aim to revolutionise product lines targeted explicitly at Indian skin and hair. The brand’s driving force is to bridge the gap between science and beauty and amalgamate to cater to its customers and produce result-oriented, effective products.

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Currently, the majority of sales are from their website. To expand their market reach, they have listed their products on e-commerce places like Amazon, Nykaa, Purplle, Vanity Wagon, Smytten, and Myntra.

They are also exploring offline channels to make their products more accessible. Follow the links below to check out their products on some e-commerce sites. and

Competition, Challenges, And The Response Thereof

SkinQ claims that success is not as sweet without challenges and competition. It considers companies like The Derma Co, ReQuil, SkinKraft, Chemist at Play Minimalist, and Dr Sheths as its main competitors.

As a company chiefly targeted at the D2C market, the journey hasn’t been without its share of challenges. There is a steep rise in the number of skin care start-ups in the country, leading to tough competition. Truly innovative products are the only things differentiating the company from its competitors. This is why SkinQ is constantly innovating and introducing breakthrough ideas.

As with any start-up, one major challenge was partnering with a trustworthy and efficient logistic service provider. In the D2C market, the slightest delay in delivery time often depreciates consumer trust and causes a negative consumer experience. 

With the market placed as it is, it has led to an increase in marketing costs; this makes consumer acquisition costs higher. Additionally, the non-favourable global scenarios have negatively impacted market space across all industries. Lastly, the constant surge in fuel charges has negatively impacted the cost and timely procurement of raw materials. 

The one thing keeping the company from disintegrating is the passion of the close-knit SkinQ team, whose common goal is continuously developing a quality solution for consumers. Their high NPS score, evidenced by their high consumer retention, is another notable driving force for the team. 

Testimonials from consumers about the products and their impact on their lives are another reason for the high team spirit. The trust placed on the team is taken very seriously, motivating them to pursue better service and products.  

The Very Many Benefits And SkinQ’s Promise

With the intent to revolutionise the Indian Skincare market, SkinQ’s products are science-backed and provide active solutions to everyone. They target consumers with swamped by-products in the global market with each promising result and those looking for a dermatologist/ qualified expert-backed skincare range.

Customer is central to the brand; hearing the concerns of their consumers and providing customised solutions for their concerns is crucial. With this in mind, they have introduced SkinQ Mirror, an AI-led dermatologist-developed skin analysis/test. The SkinQ mirror analyses the skin quotient of its consumers by scanning their faces. It goes one step further, highlights skin concerns after the analysis, and provides suitable solutions. 

It is like meeting your Dermatologist, and the mirror generates a report based on the individual skin concerns and recommends skin care regimes targeted at specific customers’ skin concerns. This guarantees science-backed, result-oriented, safe, and effective formulations as a solution to all Indian skin /Skin of Colour problems.

A Glimpse Into The Future

The brand believes in holistic Skin Health that goes beyond external/topical applications of products. They’re also focused on the internal health of their consumers by introducing supplements for various skin and hair concerns. Going forward, they plan to expand the range of products on their website. This is done with the intent of more Direct to Consumer (D2C) marketing. They also aim to continuously flourish through their Business Business (B2B) partnerships and third-party tie-ups for better accessibility and speedy service.

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