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Caring Compound – How This Startup Is Making Organic Based Products For Skin Care

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When Shubhita (founder) couldn’t bring herself to entrust her skin’s wellbeing to beauty brands in the market, laden with harmful chemicals, and natural in claims only, she looked to the experiences of other women. The Caring Compounds journey began with Shubhita’s mother, her biggest inspiration. In her formative years, when Shubhita’s mother suffered from a severe case of acute Melasma, she turned to accessible plant-powered recipes and organic treatments for remedy Inception date.

Built on the foundation of the inspiring journey of Shubhita’s mother and in hopes of making women around the world empowered with every Caring Compounds product, our purpose is rooted in what we call the ‘The Circle of Honesty’. Every Caring Compound product is crafted with a cause, a mission, and an honest heart. The brand is a compounded journey of honest experiences that we believe will change the routines of the women of today to more caring ones, and enable us to take greater initiatives towards educating the women of tomorrow.

The reason behind this name: Every ingredient that we choose is chosen after well-defined research and thought processes. Focussing on skin wellbeing and taking utmost care of your skin is our priority. That’s we say that even the ingredients/compounds we choose are chosen to take care of you is why we named it Caring Compounds.

Modest skincare solutions that pack potent aging wellness benefactors blended with an inventive take on organic wellbeing are at the core of Caring Compound’s value proposition.

Caring Compounds is a COSMOS ORGANIC certified brand for specialised skincare that works honestly and delivers next-gen performance. All Caring Compounds products are safe, sustainable, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified.

Every Caring Compounds product delivers our commitment to honesty and adheres to the global COSMOS standard at every level – right from ingredient sourcing and product formulation to production, packaging, and everything in between. The COSMOS ORGANIC certification at Caring Compounds is a journey to win your confidence.

The Journey 

“It was not an easy decision to create a skincare brand that meets the highest standards of efficacy and is certified organic with global appeal to it.

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Being a mother of 2, I had my own share of challenges while balancing things between both worlds. We felt that word Organic is misused too much these days an people are not well informed of what an Organic product truly means. Moreover being a woman who faced skin challenges on daily basis myself I was determined to do something for women around me to target concerns which are most of the time unaddressed.”

Products offered?

All our products, by default, have major aging wellness ingredients.

Currently, we have launched 6 products targeted toward 6 main concerns

  1. Acne
  2. Pigmentation
  3. Under Eye skin problems
  4. Wrinkles
  5. Skin Dullness
  6. Everyday Sun and Pollution protection

These are the 6 major problems we think most women struggle with today while some of them even face these as early as the age of 25.

For any skin to gracefully age at the right time and to maintain its balance it is important to have proper moisturization, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and nourishing properties.

Except for the clinically approved actives, we have the above properties in each of our products hence every product of ours works as an aging wellness product. All actives have been carefully chosen from around the world including India which are highly specialized and targeted to solve major skin challenges and the best part is all products are organic and vegan.

All our products have shown great results on all skin types and we are pretty happy with all of them as each one targets a distinguished area of problem.

We are listed on amazon and Facebook and currently selling online only. Our primary focus is on the online selling channel only right now. 

Here’s What The Road Ahead Looks Like…

We have created products after 2 years of research. We are very confident about the performance of our products and the customers have shown their love too. The only strategy we have is to keep our customers above everything and work towards helping them take care of their skin in the most natural, healthy, and efficient way.

There is a lot of education needed to be communicated to make the customer understand why it is important to use our product and we plan to continue doing so through our founder’s direct communication and social media.

Every business/brand to succeed it is important that one has the right kind of motivation and passion to keep one going through the tough times. I have seen my mom face aging challenges and regain her confidence after she recovered. More than anything my desire to pass this to all the women around is what keeps me going.

D2C is the future of any business these days. It allows brands to directly connect with their customers and vice versa. One of the fastest-growing segments in India is the beauty and personal care market. The pandemic has been a key initiator to empowering this potential sector in many ways. The rapid growth of the beauty and personal care market has been fueled by several market triggers and lifestyle changes. A shift toward chemical-free and environmentally friendly products, growing concerns about personal hygiene leading to high demand for wellness items, and the rise of the direct-to-customer (D2C) model, resulting in agile and customized solutions, have all fueled growth in this space.

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