How Breaks Boost Productivity Making A Marketing Team Effectively Efficient?

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However, small breaks at intervals boost productivity a lot. The reason being increased motivation of people with a break lying round the corner.

How much break time do you think an employee normally gets in a day? It’s usually an hour, for an 8 to 9 hours work shift. Most organizations feel this is good enough, for people to be productive, when using a task management tool.

However, small breaks at intervals boost productivity a lot. The reason being increased motivation of people with a break lying round the corner. Short breaks help in refreshing mental health, keeping the well being intact.

There are daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals associated with every business. The objectives help in keeping the employees sorted and work hard towards a shared vision. But more importantly, breaks inspire people.

Why Are Breaks So Crucial?

Breaks taken frequently not just keep the morale up, but even help the body and mind in turn to recharge. With so many breaks already in place, people don’t feel like taking extras, maintaining the work environment discipline. Breaks both motivate employees to concentrate on work throughout the day and inspire them to be something with ethics allowing for a perfect balance of work and break. 

Let us look at the additional perks working with constant breaks and the task management tool:

  • Eliminating injuries and accidents due to not paying attention at work
  • Change in postures due to constantly lying in one position
  • Stretching the body every now and then to help muscles relieve

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How Breaks Act Critically in Uplifting Productivity?

Breaks help an individual to get together and be organized in the work schedule. Workplace fatigue is a common scenario, and breaks do help in overcoming that. Breaks play a major role in bringing about motivation among people, helping them be on track all the time, without losing discipline in using task management tool.

Let us look at some key strategies to help with productivity boosting while focusing on the breaks:

1. Lunch breaks help in rejuvenating

Of all the possible breaks in a day, lunch breaks are surely the most important of them all, since it aims to replenish lost energy. Think of pausing work for a while and eat peacefully. Relishing favorite meals is a great way not just to reinstate energy, but even get an individual prepared for the rest of the day towards task management tool. 

2. Preventing exhaustion through the day

Overburdening with work without taking breaks, result in exhaustion taking over productivity in no time. If planning to deliver best, a burnout should be avoided, as a result of exhaustion. The burnout or exhaustion takes place due to several reasons even if using a task management tool.

  • Sleep loss 
  • Work irritation
  • Achievement dissatisfaction
  • Cynical attitude 
  • Workplace Politics
  • Ego Clashes, etc.

These are some of the most common problems. There are a lot more than one can imagine. Even if a workaholic, have the habit of taking as many breaks as possible, during the day.

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3. Exercises refresh mind and attitude

Doing some physical and mental exercises during short or long breaks, keep an individual well up-to-date with work motivation. There is a something called the Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) getting activated due to walking for a while, performing eye exercises, doing hand or leg movements, etc. to refresh physical and mental health. 

Include exercises in all of the breaks possible to keep work productivity always on a higher note inside a task management tool.

4. Breaks should be slowly incorporated

Start with taking short 5 minute breaks to begin with. If such short breaks do the trick of replenishing the mind, then it is good. But, if short breaks are not that fruitful, then long breaks should help concentrate more on work and the task management tool.

Not just time, but even numbers of breaks are as much important. Start with one break at certain intervals. Keep increasing the number of breaks, by reducing the interval time, if already existing breaks are not enough to keep everything on track.

5. Taking micro breaks is significant

Long breaks taken quite frequently result in a reverse negative effect, consuming the key work hours of the day. Even 15-minute frequent breaks lead to a major loss in productivity time towards the end of the day. Hence, it is always best to take breaks ranging from 1 to 5 minutes, so that frequently taking ones do not hamper work.

It is all up to you to decide what you plan to do in a task management tool during theses breaks. Ideally drinking water or going to the washroom are the priority refreshing things to do. Other than that you can utilize these breaks in having a cup of tea or coffee, moving around the office premises, having a quick chat with colleagues, surfing Internet on phone, watching videos or movies, listening to music, and more.

Breaks work best in improving work productivity

Irrespective of the task management tool you use, taking a break is the key to bring down stress level, while escalating productivity. It could be anything such as giving a call to loved ones, reading a book, listening to music, methods we discussed above, or anything else. The breaks should be taken in a manner, so that your work hours do not disturb.

We do suggest taking micro breaks ranging in between 1 to 5 minutes and that could be anything. Taking long breaks results in taking them less, as compared to more short breaks. Most think, more breaks can lower down the work hours, as well as the productivity levels of individual employees.

However, the fact is, breaks play an instrumental role in uplifting the morale and so in turn the employee’s motivation towards work. Breaks are as good as yoga, meditation, exercises, or any other thing that refreshes the soul. If there are too many physical or mind heavy tasks to be performed then breaks in between act as a great source of refreshment.

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